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Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 - BMW

2015 BMW I3. One that the new BMW models BMW I3. After many of the 2015 BMW I3 future of electric vehicles and concepts, and a lot of examination sessions and many pictures of humor, BMW finally revealed the car brand new electric I3 in the form of manufacturing. Design is the very first of the I Sub-brand BMW and opens the new brand of electric mobility at BMW. Like everyone else, and we are excited to see BMW I3, but the real prize is I8 is still in development. Built BMW I3 2015 the new brand that would help to reduce the weight of the cars 250 and 300 kg (551-661 lbs). Includes horizontally separated, independent modules. The drive unit includes the battery, drive system and structural and crash functions in one building within the structure. Work in conjunction with the Drive Unit is a unit of life, which is made up mostly of high-strength passenger compartment is very lightweight made of CFRP.

2015 BMW I3 really offers no big surprises abroad. It keeps the same exact setup three-door hatchback with a pair of rear doors-quarter swings that we expected to see. And I3 BMW 2015 electric do not get the appearance of a more traditional than we all expected, with the front-end is very easy because it is characterized by kidney BMW networks and a BMW i blue background and the U-shaped headlamps LED. Lateral view of the I3 has to do with Jane as easy as it comes, and the swooping roof line is not expected to dramatically as we expected. Instead of the roof line is a wonderful swooping window that appears almost non Sarah as you can get to the rear quarter window line. Under the camp, you can see the Bodleian unique one of its kind that seem to run the base windows front and rear doors, and then raise as much as you approach the rear quarter window.

In short, this elegant line, and the rest of the personal viewpoint has something to do with, such as vanilla and the United Nations of BMW such as it gets. TNE of the most prominent features of the new 2015 BMW I3 is the absence of the center tunnel and the fact that both the front seats and rear bench seats allow a simple activity inside the car, as well as to allow the driver to get out with the passenger door if necessary. And actually it has been designed around the driver design, which means that the controls put in a simple access for profit. The new BMW offered also with electric steering column freestanding includes all the driving controls, such as the instrument panel, start / stop button Set gear shift. And achieve weight savings of 10 percent is accomplished through the use of raw materials and renewable energy to trim the door, and in addition to that, are made BMW I3 2015 trusses dashboard of magnesium for 20 percent extra in achieving weight savings on material stainless equivalent.

Now the part that everyone is most curious about: exactly whats under the 2015 BMW I3¬†Hood image? Well in the presence of an electric motor simultaneously hybrid that puts out 125 kW (170 hp) and 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) of torque to the rear wheels from the second you touch the gas pedal, through the automatic transmission and one speed. This drives a small hatchback to 100 km / h (62 mph) in a spirited 7. 2 seconds and a top speed of 93 miles per hour BMW. Both are impressive to some extent, as is the race’s 30 miles per hour in 3. 5 seconds to 60 mph in 7 seconds appreciation, and 50-75 mph in just 4. 9 seconds. What really matters in the EV category is a compact car efficiency, and Core i3 delivers because the area too. 2015 BMW I3 uses the engine just above the 0. 13 kWh of eight units of lithium-ion battery for every mile of driving. This battery stores a total of 22 kWh of energy, which manages I3 daily driving range of 130-160 km (81-99 miles).

BMW works like other normal cars, but the use of an electric motor made from the silent car. BMW I3 2015 have obtained on the market in mid-year 2015. The costs for the base trim level is more than $ 42,000. It has become a trend for the carmaker to start all-electric cars or hybrids. Is introduced BMW I3 2015 new hybrid car lineup is quite smaller. Made extraordinary expectations, unique door kind of planning, in addition to the braking system 2015 BMW I3 challenge for other hybrid vehicles plug-in.

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