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2015 BMW X1. A new generation of X1 BMQ of preparation and being that comes as a model in 2015 ,. Engineers are working very hard, since the company’s goal is to show the car at home, in one of the largest auto show in Frankfurt. However, the X1 comes as a model in 2015. He announced the design and the new engine modifications. SUV has already been tested in the street, and the 2015 BMW X1 will be the first car of the second generation. Not certain of the company’s information, but in practice, so it does not mean that the 2015 BMW X1 is the lack of attendance.

While based on the current X1 on the rear platform-wheel-drive BMW 1-Series hatchback sold overseas and is available with either configurations its limits or all-wheel-drive, the X1 next generation to be the adoption of the UKL platform commonly used for 2-active touring car series. UKL and it comes with front-wheel drive in its simplest form but has the option of four-wheel drive, thanks to the multi-plate clutch setup similar to HALDEX. This is the last option which will feature predominantly in the next generation of the BMW X1 as well as the next Mini Cooper Countryman, although all must be still available with front-wheel drive as standard. New 2015 BMW X1 comes on the redesigned partially market. There is little official information, but we offer you what is currently available to the public. This new SUV in the remake be more comfortable and modern With the increase in fuel economy.

A major technological innovation in the new 2015 BMW X1 stands out linking engine and accessories package. It will be redesigned 2015 BMW X1 majorly, because it will include the beginning of the second generation of this compact luxury crossover. Although it seemed unlikely, since the previous 2015 model, came with several improvements, product German cars will launch new X1 with major changes. Spotted a prototype of the model in the streets during the test, and confirmed those shots spy some previous speculation about the redesigned X1, which include changing the platform, and extensive work of the body.

First and foremost, will 2015 BMW X1 comes with a different pillar, which will cause changes dimension. The new X1 will be shorter than the previous model, which is visible, especially on the front end. Next to its length, and is influenced by body shape also by some of the major design modifications. Popular SUV is now sleeker and more aggressive, with the front end formed a little. And identify kidney grill brand will remain basically unchanged, while the form of headlights that flow into it has changed a little bit. The new car is lighter due to the use of aluminum and carbon fiber to the premises. X1 changes will not be only in the 2015 BMW engine this match. The design is similar to the X5 an older brother to him, with some familiar lines.

And it will also share some concepts with the new X4. X1 BMW’s new front end is the new set up, which will make the air better. The nasal septum and kidney are updated, while much of the attention turned to the headlights. One of the models of the BMW X, which is witnessing an extraordinary expansion of the non-BMW X1 model family. So far has not cooled the passion towards a new model for 2015, the company has already announced the next generation. And its representative to be the BMW X1 model 2015, which will appear in mid to late 2015. The brand new edition, with a complete redesign, the 2015 BMW X1 will write a new page in the development of this form. It will drop the current V6 engine models set. The building will be the second generation of the year 2015 BMW X1 mixed with four-wheel drive system, which will be a change to the current RWD model.

That is probably the main change. xDrive BMW is still an option, but this is yet to be decided, would be found under the hood of the X1 2015. New front and rear of the SUV will be the best and aerobic. However, the concept is similar to the X2 series Active Tourer. German carmaker is developing under the name F48 secret. Anyway, since these two models using the same platform, and we expect a lot of similarities between them. New front and rear of the SUV will be the best and aerobic. However, this idea is related to the X2 active touring car series. German carmaker is developing under the name F48 secret. In any case, due to the fact these two models employ exactly the same platform, we expect a great deal of similarity between them.

Jump to the front wheel drive platform also sees X1 lose optional straight-six engine. This means that 2015 BMW X1 35I do not get real, the executive BMW tells us the private sector, “and this is a problem. ” It will be the only engine available in the US market have 2. 0-liter four-cylinder in the X1 xDrive28i. Turbo in place here every four produces 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. In normal driving, it is sent 100% of torque to the front wheels. If necessary, and it can be transferred to the rear wheels through a multi-layer board. Before the end of the year, and will add the BMW sDrive version with front-wheel drive. What will not get is a wide range of engines available in Europe, which include diesel and three cylinders and diesel three-cylinder produces 114 horsepower.

The only transmission available for Americans is the eight-speed automatic, although the six-speed manual will be available in some weaker models sold in other places. It comes with a clutch if you opt for the Sport Package M, which also include firmer suspension, the steering wheel M, sport seats. It is said that the new 2015 BMW X1 to be lighter than its predecessor by about 65 pounds, but estimates of the performance of the plant don’t change much compared with the previous 28i: the enemy from zero to 60 mph takes 6. 3 seconds, says BMW, while the top speed is 130 miles per hour or, optionally 0. 143 miles per hour.

If the new look and architecture is not to your liking, perhaps electronics win you over. Adaptive LED headlights are available. The rear seats folding power is new as is the hands-free liftgate operation power. Include aid available lane departure warning driver, forward-collision warning, and the positions of automated vehicles. The connectivity options of the brand is the leader in its class, also includes cars BMW ConnectedDrive integration of Facebook, Twitter and Spotify, iHeartRadio, and life 360. The application will be the new X1 is facing strong competition in the Audi Q3 form, Lexus NX, and Mercedes-Benz GLA, not to mention the crossover next compact Cadillac. But if you always thought you have your X1 front-wheel drive, you should meet your expectations for the new version just perfectly. The formation of the new 2015 BMW X1 pricing in the $ 40,120 – $ 50,670 based on current exchange rates.

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