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2015 Ford Focus. The car that launched the revolution products in Ford’s old enough now to justify a revolution of sorts. Ford Focus 2015, debuting before the Geneva Motor Show in 2014, marks the compact car update for the first time since the big 2012 model began from one strategy Ford. That plan made common nameplates, buildings, motor, and design of Ford cars sold all over the world, and this is a refreshed focus close cut that opened when the Fusion mid-size sedan and a secondary feast adopted latest design language brands. Look past the hexagonal grille on both sides body unchanged, though, and you’ll realize that the 2015, this model more than update of a real revolution. While there is a new, optional engine and the interior has a reform, and focus in 2015 is moderate renovation, rather than new car is totally.

The big news here is very small Fords EcoBoost engine. Focus optional powertrain is the same 1. 0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder that made the US for the first time in the 2014 Fiesta. Weve already paid the engine in the European and US standards focus spec feast to know that her extremely smooth and energetic enough in all parts of the city. As at the feast, not offered a 1. 0-liter with manual transmission, but the focus has additional gear for a total of six forward gears. We have one complaint with the 1. 0-liter Fiesta is that you get the 2015 Ford Focus moving from one station requires a reasonable pace slipping clutch to keep the engine from bogging without peak torque 2500 rpm.

Buyers may find that the three-cylinder engine, with only 123 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque, and overmatched in 2015 Ford Focus 300 pounds heavier. As with all EcoBoost engines, Ford will charge a premium for the smaller engine under the assumption that consumers are willing to pay for the incremental improvements in fuel economy. While the pricing environment agency classifications Protection is yet to be determined, orders for 1. 0-liter Fiesta $ 995 for a boost 4 mpg rating to the Environment Agency to protect the highway 45 mpg. The engine is basically unchanged from the past model and 2. 0-liter four-cylinder now makes 160 horsepower and 146 pound-feet of torque, and we do not expect any major changes in these figures.

The well of us, because the engine does a good job on both sides of a thin line, where reasonable and exciting impressive performance to meet fuel economy. We are disappointed, though, that Ford dealt well focus risk of transmission. Five-speed gear missing and six-speed manual dual-clutch automatic is suffering from slow, slurred transitions. When asked if Ford had any plans in the near term for the new gearbox, Vice President of Product Development Raj Nair simply reminds us that Ford is currently on a nine-speed automatic mode with General Motors.

Nair also says his engineers tweaked the suspension and steering power, even though the 2015 Ford Focus is already among the best driving cars in this segment. Changes include valves quieter shock, controlling less intrusive stability, and adjustments for non-specific rear suspension system in the interest of and feel more connected to the road. In addition to the revised front and rear fascia, sport and focusing new hood, front fenders and tailgate. The headlights are more angular and tail lamps are random, after the addition of chrome on the front end suggests a more grown-up focus, not a single athlete. While it does not take much imagination to visualize the same changes applied to the four-door, Ford will pull the cover off the car and pretend well for a few moments to be surprised at the auto show in New York in 2014 in April at.

Revisions inside and restraint in a similar way, but it could be the biggest improvement on the outgoing 2015 Ford Focus. While the food we actually spent any time in the car, the center stack looks much more intuitive and functional. Callum describes Murray, vice president of design and new cabin. With less frenetic controls for the audio and climate with a more traditional look and layout. There is also a new steering wheel and a small cubby by the carrier for mobile phones with a USB port, which is said will carry two times faster than the old one. A backup camera comes as standard equipment, quoted by either a 4- or 6-inch display touch screen eight inches that comes with information and entertainment system MyFord Touch. Lane keeping assistance and blind spot monitoring will be optional. Ford Focus has led modeled nicely in the world in total sales model for two years. First off, what is clear.

2015 Ford Focus has inspired Aston Martin grille, which slowly grew more prevalent in the brand, already seen on the Ford brothers such as smelting and feast. This gives the front end of the focus in 2015 swept back look, with large headlamps extends to almost the front fenders. The overall effect is a front end that appears on both sports and more accurate, a rare combination. Inside the 2015 Ford Focus, Ford was coy about specific changes, although we have received word that the MyKey feature will now be standard on all trim levels. There will also be a heated steering wheel all-new available, Ford wheel options and expanded to include ten new designs. As with previous models, the 2015 Ford Focus will be available in both sedan and hatchback styles, with the five-door wagon were introduced as well.

More rational one of the main complaints internal addresses our current focus, after the transfer of carryover already felt inadequate when the third generation arrived focus on four years ago. While that is unlikely to rearrange the pecking-compact segment, the refreshed 2015 Ford Focus, which is scheduled to go on sale late this year, it would help Ford stem sales losses it faces competitors such as the latest Mazda 3.

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