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2015 Honda Accord. It is well-known Honda cars reliable and cost-effective, long-term for being. Every year, lovers of Honda wondering how, in fact, the world-renowned auto industry can produce anything better, and every year, they’re in awe of what is accomplished. For the latest model year, the Honda Accord and the release date is 2015 all the Honda fans are talking about. Honda Accord is one of the car’s most popular sedan Honda and Honda Accord 2015 release date has been sparking rumors left and right about the latest Accord model year. Interested in 2015 Honda Accord release date might have to wait a little longer, and Honda executives have yet to announce when it will happen.

Has been re-designed in the previous year of the Honda Accord is one of the best steps that Honda has pulled ever. They were both overseas stunning and useful, which saw the launch of the ninth generation Honda vehicles. It used to be very difficult to think about what can they do to top this design and what was in store for future models. As you can see from the pictures provided by the new 2015 Honda Accord, it has borrowed the design to a large extent from the previous car. There is a large dose of sophistication, but there was some aggressive and added, but only slightly, in order not to make the car very weak maybe. The main thing that the makers wanted to do with this type of vehicle is to maximize the greenhouse, and did so by enhancing the window space of the car.

The car is not even stood slab, and in fact has a bit of a wedge look genre, which is a part of it, and that in addition to strengthening the greenhouse of the car and let the air flow characteristics of the best on the wrinkle of car design also enhances the aggressiveness of the car as well. Cars have a more dynamic look which reinforced with sheet metal and added, pointing around the sides of the car. The Honda Accord design, manufacturers and confirmed themselves from the inside out, making the interior in the 2015 Honda Accord sabotage abroad. What they wanted to achieve was called “man maximum, minimum” approach to the design of the interior of the machine. The main characteristics of the vehicle is to make it modern and luxury features added certainly achieve this assumption.

First, the 2015 Honda Accord dashboard has been pushed forward as much as possible, and also won in the corners, and to maximize space and allow all the important controls and buttons to be high at hand. This is one of the features that enhance Interior Smart from the cabin. This means that all of the features and tool setting have been made to maximize the feeling of your driving and also to enable you to get the best out of your car as well. Material and comfort levels inside actually go as goes higher trim. Although he also has the base trim some very good levels of satisfaction and gives all passengers a great sense during the ride, is trim tourism, which along with adding large and comfortable material also adds a touch-screen system, which enables the use of a wonderful sound system installed.

All trims of the 2015 Honda Accord car received much more powerful and fuel-efficient engines. The base model, for example, uses a four-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection. Model good base enough to make 185 horsepower, as well as automatic transmission with six-speed system is used, with the choice of each of the automatic transmission constantly changing as well. Other trims, for example model Sport Accord, a higher authority to some extent, and this one can be up to 189 horsepower. There is also the use of V-6 engine that provides a burst of 278 horsepower along with a choice between a six-speed automatic transmission or a manual six-speed gearbox option. Regardless of which type of engine or trim is used economy numbers in fuel consumption of the car is still the same as the Honda Accord in 2015 can be up to 27 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway campaign.

The price of the 2015 Honda Accord and comes up to about 35,000 US dollars. This is of course the figure for the base model will include higher while to pay a little bit more levels. For example, trim and hybrid plug-in is available for US $ 41,000, which is actually not a bad deal for fuel-efficient cars and green.

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