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Thursday, March 31st, 2016 - Honda

The new 2015 Honda HRV quite some antiquity dating back 19 years when he helped formulate crossover market again in 1996. The novel 2015 Honda HRV may carry on with the mantle of success for two other contracts as well. For some time now, and everyone wants to get a monster on the road on the way to a flurry and the largest mission came they all seem better. But guess what, this is slowly changing very fast rate, at least on this side of the dimensions of the car, and now people are inclined toward smaller but high-end, comfortable and sedans with high performance.

Currently it is forced auto companies to redesign their cars that were once popular in the VIP vehicles from the scene and packs them in those little that is much maneuvering, and can be attract more customers. One such case, for example, is a new Honda HRV in 2015. The refreshed 2015 Honda HRV is a smaller version now even more compact than the CR-V model crossover which certainly become a great success in the market with its competitors were forced to watch at a distance. Compact sedan has finally got redesign the attention and respect it deserves from private buyers who want the best specs fuel economy without compromising the performance of the car.

Will be Honda HRV based on the same platform as the Honda Fit 2015, it will serve as an entry point to the Honda light trucks this game. It will be smaller and at lower prices than the Honda CR-V, which is currently the smallest SUV Honda. For years it has been the Honda CR-V won top awards and become a model increasingly popular, which is why it is no surprise that Honda is to release a smaller SUV version. It will make the perfect vehicle for those who want looking SUV and sophisticated, but who also want to save money at the pumps.

According to Honda, the 2015 Honda HRV interior offers diverse and wider. This compact SUV to maximize space by making use of the tank, which should allow the SUV to achieve a cargo capacity greater than 53 cubic feet offered in the Honda Fit center planning. The high level of diversity stems from Honda Matic seat, which can also be found in the Honda Fit 2015 Magic will seat providing HRV with a variety of seating configurations, and allow the back of the seat in the second row that completely collapsed to open the SUV up for more of storage potential. It will be compact Honda HRV building on the same platform as the Honda Fit secondary.

Under the hood of the new 2015 Honda HRV will petite 1. 8 L SOHC inline four engine that will be capable of generating 138 horsepower and 127 Nm of torque. This engine comes mated to a Continuously Variable transmission system and an optional six-speed manual is available. And thus the power transmitted to the 2WD system. This front-wheel drive and will be through the payment FWD system, while this may be a complete let down in terms of power output, and it should be necessary to point out that Honda HRV 2015 will come ratings EPA amazing. Classification available consumption, according to the Environmental Protection Agency is 35 miles per gallon on the highway and 28 mpg in the city.

And the date of issuance of the new 2015 Honda HRV be somewhere in the spring of this year (2015). The price is still puzzling mystery that has yet to be resolved because the company did not provide any valuable information yet. But according to figures calculated our mole independent privy to the Japanese auto giant and traders are buying LX model should expect MSRP which is close to $ 17,000 for the base version and $ 19,000 for the highest version-scale systems.

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