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Friday, March 25th, 2016 - Nissan

2015 Nissan Versa expected that there will be a significant improvement in the outside of the body and a better state in general. This is because the meaning of a way to improve the user experience. It will come with the latest trends in-car design and thus improve comfort for the driver and passengers. It fell consumers with limited budgets in love with the concept of the contrary for many years, and we heard great things were in store for the latest sedan models. It is expected that the 2015 Versa Sedan will be equipped with more features, and will include many of the promotions on the 2015 models. And will be activated even through very harsh terrain and conditions, it will give a unique car, inside and out. 2015 Nissan Versa this review, we take a closer look at the specifications and features and price, and the date for all models, including the Sedan S, SV sedan release, Sedan S Plus, Sedan SL.

One needs only to glance at it in order to see how handsome hatchback MPV this is Nissan. The front fascia is rather low, and bending toward the ground, while the bumper upright and laid-back headlights fit the picture well. Midsection reveals medium-sized D pillars that will not give you many problems since the end of the rear tailgate has a large somewhat, and rear window. Featuring the back also in some way awkward tail lights of large size, which is trying to fit perfectly with the curves and wrinkles. Interior design has been carefully for 2015 Nissan Versa Note to provide a room as much as you can. This is not exactly the biggest vehicle you can find on the roads, but it does a good job carrying the people around us.

All models available offering some sort of upholsterer affordable. Whether it’s at the base or cloth upgrade, or perhaps a premium synthetic leather suede sport with orange accents and stitching available in the latest addition to the SR model lineup. it does not matter. You will not get skin anywhere near the car, which can forget luxurious accents as well. However, busy homes Control Panel optional 5. 8-inch color touch screen display starting grade. It must be mentioned, however, that until the summit, SL grade do not get this feature as standard. Standard safety features not to position this 2015 Nissan Versa. Aside from all the mandatory options, you will get a rear-view monitor, or even across the width of the screen with the highest scores.

It will be provided in 2015 Nissan Versa engine with 1. 6-liter four-cylinder, and will be able to 109 hp and torque of 107 pound-feet. It comes with a 5-speed manual transmission. Instead, there are also four speeds to choose from. Agreement to tests conducted by news, it was clear that this car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds within 10. . When it comes to fuel consumption rate, everything was quite impressive. That’s what makes this model a worthy competitor to the possibility of competition. Nissan 2015 is equipped Versa sedan with features such as stability and traction control, and antilock brakes, side-curtain airbags and airbag on the front seat.

S base model with manual transmission only costs $ 14. 180, the first one with the CVT transmission is S Plus version priced at $ 15,430 and even higher grades are not as expensive as they cost about $ 18,600. When we look at what we’re getting from the new vice note that it is quite clear that this is done mostly for those drivers that are just entering the water, you need a small, affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles. Almost it is performed this role perfectly by a competitor of Nissan. 2015 Nissan Versa Note the solid job of moving people though it’s rather small MPV’s. It does the best work is still at the Department of fuel economy because it puts even more compact hatchback and sedan both to shame. Things that certainly we would like to see an upgrade in this car linked to comfort and the equipment in it, for example upholstery leather is not available. We are fully aware that this would increase the price but still it would be nice to have at least as an option. Since there will be significant changes in 2015 Nissan Versa¬†will be available in the agency this fall.

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