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Friday, March 25th, 2016 - Toyota

2015 Toyota Sienna. Compared with, for example, a compact crossover arena, and a small part is the post-apocalyptic wasteland, occupied as it is by a small number of vehicles to buyers in fighting mad battles along the lines of Max even death. Okay, so the small game is not actually that ominous, but there is no doubt that the shift away from hardware toward family friendly cross the three-row dramatically reduced the number of entries. With Odyssey only Honda and Chrysler twins to fend seriously out despite the fact that the new Kia Sedona looks at least a sharp Toyota probably were not in need of updating Minivan 2015 Toyota Sienna, but they went ahead and did it anyway.

First things first: the buyers keen on recent available vacuum cleaner refreshed vs. 2014 Honda Odyssey’s built-in need not turn to Siena. On the other hand, Siena does not get the external appearance and internal tweaked cosmetically all new, and Toyota to revive the subject Swagger Wagon that debuted with the launch of the current generation Siena again in 2010. The lineup remains the same, with the pound base sits under the XLE, SE, and cut limited levels. 2015 Toyota Sienna gets all the modern aerodynamics and structure tighten. There are new headlights of the SE and Limited. The installation of the new tail lights and a new grill for all but the SE. Inside, Toyota added more things to make life easier owners.

Driver, there bloc styling measure with the available 4. 2-inch screen driver information, while both front-seat passengers can take advantage of the air conditioning control panel arrayed more logically. It is brought voice and data systems and entertainment until the current specifications of Toyota (2014 Siena still only last general auto systems), and the “dual view” rear seat width and entertainment that plays Blu-ray discs is now available. Safety on the front, and equipped with Toyota’s airbag and seat cushion of the front passenger, while the other was enlarged Bags. For parents with multiple car seats, there is good news on the number of seats latch anchor: there are now four, one more than last year. Now, parents can more easily barking at their children on the way back, the driver of the Toyota easy to talk the new feature allows the front passenger to talk into a microphone and broadcast decrees the country with an iron fist on the way to the rear speakers.

The heart of the 2015 Toyota Sienna van is the same engine, such as the 2015 model. And 3. 5-liter V-6 engine capable of producing 266 horsepower and 245 pound-feet of torque. Be paired with a 6-speed ECT i automatic transmission, and will be the transfer of power to the front wheels as standard. Toyota Sienna in 2015 will be only a small part of its class that will be available with all-wheel-drive system. Which lead to lower fuel economy of 21 mpg combined by two figures, 19 mpg combined. We expect that the 2015 Toyota Sienna will be available as a hybrid for those buyers who prefer fuel economy performance. It can be available with a 2. 5-liter inline 4 engine combined with an electric motor high torque. This system, which can be found in the Toyota Avalon is able to provide joint 200 horsepower.

If we consider that the next 2015 Toyota Sienna van will receive only some minor changes with the same engine, we can expect the date of issuance to be in the last quarter of this year. It is likely to remain about the same price, but it should be a little less if we compare it to the competition. Toyota Sienna base in 2015 will be available with max. $ 30,000 price tag, but it will keep a good re-sale value.

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