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2016 BMW 507. This beautiful 1959 BMW 507 Roadster second group to fetch between $ 2. 3 million and US $ 2. 6 million $ dollar in the next “design by disabling the” auction in New York. Only 217 were produced from this classic convertible, making it one of the rarest BMW on this planet and in spite of its rival Mercedes 300 SL, has got a lot of brilliance over the years 0. 507 arguably one of the finest auto exports in Germany, all the time. Serving as a source of inspiration for the Z8, it is powered by a 507 Roadster second group of 145-horsepower V8 engine and four-speed manual is characterized by a smooth transition along with independent front suspension, brakes and rear interior red striking.

Designed by Albrecht Goertz, BMW 507 TS is based on the BMW 503, but appeared shorter chassis and bodywork made entirely of aluminum hand. Alternative Coupe, such as turning, and was fitted with a 3. 2L V8 unit of making aluminum alloy delivering up to 160 hp and a manual 4-speed. The performance on the road is also impressive, with the Coupe reach 0-60 mph in about 9 seconds and top 140 mph. I stopped both coupe and convert versions of the TS 507 in 1959 due to financial difficulties.

What would result from the constant attention to detail Goertz debt issues will be really creative and a car that will have, unfortunately, the audience is much smaller than originally unintended. Some of the fans of the car include such names in the race, as Hans stuck, George Meyer and John Surtees. However, the car is also attracting other fan less well-known and clear. Would also be associated with Elvis Presley convertible Cadillac, but while stationed in Germany, that Presley comes noticed the car will be given one by BMW use. While personal 507 of his country would threaten the existence of the BMW it the company will set up a new cycle in the minds of public. Will be ready to produce such an attractive and progressive designs give a new life to the company. Instead of a bike for the layman, the conditions in the end produce a bike, but very few. It was an appropriate practice that BMW will not be able to make all of the BMW 507 intention to design distinctive, and the numbers are rare, that will make for car. And junk really one of those 507 Roadsters desirable to cross the block in the auction RM in Monterey, California, in August 2011. one of only 253 examples of the 507, the bodywork 70,192 enjoy the rich history really. Albrecht von Goertz design attractive only would be appropriate for the first “Bond girl. ” While it is believed to be gifted by Elvis Presley, it is true that 70 192 will be handed over to Ursula Andress after it was delivered new to BMW Group Classic in New York City.

One symbol to another completely installed, it is proposed by the classic BMW Group Anders Presley said she would take only a BMW 507 instead of the more usual Cadillac convertible. Finished white and painted the interior of the vehicle to feature Dark red leather with white trim. Matching the famous white bikini Andress, who will become synonymous, the White BMW 507 undergo some modification during the fifteen years that a car owned actress. Will replace the engine with a Ford V-8, and that the car has the bumpers nerf bar’s fitted to it. And still the fenders on the car’s nerf to this day, but many other adjustments will reverse when the car was sold to Mark Smith. Smith will find 507 original engine and transmission. He said that even the car back to its original white color. Since Smith’s ownership, the car will make its way to the Imperial Palace and the group will remain on the screen until it was purchased by the family of Leon. As part of the Lyon Group car went through a careful renovation, but still be driven often.

As the car headed for the auction and is estimated at anywhere from $ 800,000 to $ 1. 2 million could be provided wonderful and unique to this really BMW 507. No doubt about it, and Chassis 70 192 buyer offers both a piece of inspiration cars and Hollywood storytelling. Perhaps more importantly, the buyer has the opportunity to acquire a source of inspiration beyond their own generation. In the auction, lots were sold for a total of $ 1072500, which included a distinct buyers.

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