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Thursday, March 24th, 2016 - BMW

2016 BMW E90. It is well-known that BMW E90 sets the standard for sedans when it comes to dealing with it. But there’s more to this than just the enjoyment E90 driver. It comes with a decent levels of standard equipment and some of the most efficient engines available. A lot has happened in the world since the predecessor BMW E90, E46 and hit the market in 2000. It is worth mentioning that the arrival of a small 1-series completely new, which in fact is not true of the traditional role of the 3 series as an entry point in the BMW Group. Now with the series 1 indicates the entry was a series of three moved upmarket, and was then the starting point for greater things. We moved from the breadth of the 3-Series models was 318I, the traditional method in the range. It has been replaced with 320I.

The change was most obvious from E46 the new body, which brought with it an edgy lines of companies that have been made on other models such as the series 5. playing the tape on the car and you have found to be larger than its predecessor. It was longer in the wheelbase by 35 mm and 78 mm wide on a larger scale, which has been translated into more than a display in the front seat and the largest room in the knee at the rear. BMW also claimed the boot was much larger, but this was in no small part due to the use of run-flat tires, which eliminated the need to carry a spare tire.

In a sea of ​​models front-wheel drive BMW and held firmly back the tide and keep 2016 BMW E90 drive back. As befits a car prestige E90 came with a lot of fruit. In less 320I end came with a climate-controlled air, install, remote central locking, power windows and mirrors, multifunction steering wheel, trip computer, six-speaker CD sound, alloy 16-inch. Step up to the executive branch 320I and you also get fog lamps leather trim. Jump to six reward you with a 17-inch alloys, leather, CD stacker, power driver’s seat with memory, sensors and parking.

To get on board the BMW explicit paying $ 25,000- $ 30,000 320 I’s, as well as $ 1,000 and you’ll get the benefits of the executive. For the sheer joy of six massive pay $ 35. 000 to $ 40. 000 for 325i car, adding $ 20,000 for 330 I. BMW parts and service does not come cheap if you stick to dealers for maintenance. Look around for a specialist BMW service, and there are many out there, it will save heaps on the service and any parts that you might need.

BMW ever offered four models: 320I four-cylinder and better equipped brotherhood Executive 320I her, and the six-cylinder 325 I and 330 I. And 2. 0-liter 16-valve double overhead cam shaft four-cylinder engine featuring 110 kW and 200 Nm powered by 320I, and there was a choice of six-speed sequential shift automatic transmission or a manual six-speed gearbox. For more zip and there was a 325i car with a 2. 5-liter six-cylinder with 160 kW and 250 Nm, and 330 I with a 3. 0-liter six with 190 kW and 300 Nm. The 325I is available with a six-speed sequential shift auto and manual six-speed, while the 330I is available only with cars.

And 2016 BMW E90 is still in its infancy, with the nearest exit just five years old on average with 60,000 km on the ODO, so there are quite a few problems to which they relate. All BMW engines use a timing chain instead of a belt, so there is no regular maintenance required. The real joy came to own a BMW car in the form of a six-cylinder engine. While the four-sufficient, with smooth driveability and economy in decent fuel consumption, there was no such thing as a free-revving, silky smooth straight-six BMW to excite the senses. Besides wonderful stable structure of the E90, with the body’s more solid to them, and pay back series 3 real car’s driver. On the negative side, the ride was thanks to the difficult and tough to run-flat tires, which was a BMW.

BMW claimed the body 2016 BMW E90 25 percent stiffer than the E46, which is a large enterprise to build a solid security package. Add to that eight airbags, and you had a lot of protection when it came to the crunch. Before that he was the driver R90 range of active safety systems, such as ABS anti-lock brakes, Dynamic Stability Control, Traction Control, and others to help avoid the accident. 320I will be handed over to the economy of 10. 0-11. 00 L / 100 km around the city, and 5. 5-6. 0 L / 100 km on the open road. And six will receive between 11. 0 and 13. 0 L / 100 km around the city and about 6. 5 l / 100 km on the highway.

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