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2016 BMW M2. Classic car enthusiasts quickly fade from the market these days. Payment rear wheel, and lightweight, manual transmission and soon systems become a thing of the past thanks to the so-called innovations and perceptions of the future of the current generation, which is not bad thing. However, and when I returned to the automotive industry that the new model will be presented with traditional features mentioned above, it is this makes sense when detecting a lot of noise in the scene leading private cars for ‘conservatives’. We can all memories when he revealed the BMW 1 series M again in 2010, the hype was rewarded immediately with a powerful sports car and compact with all borrowed blinks of M3, the exception to this model heavy V8. In spite of its short life in the automotive market, and news from behind the spread like Bush fire. The news about the new 2016 BMW M2 it was met with praise from enthusiasts. There are tons of rumors on the 2016 BMW M2 has to offer. So let’s also here in the ‘everything about cars, “adding fuel to the fire with the new reports we’ve discovered a new 2016 BMW M2.

What we get is a more aggressive version of the car M235i. The exterior design of the 2016 BMW M2 follow in fact more subtle seen in vehicles M4. Note that BMW is seeking to see this car is treated as a means M It does so by adding some design cues, such as the bumper, for example, cars M3, M4 and M6. The front of the car is identical to the M235i, except the kidney barrier and M badge added. But the bumper is actually enough to enhance the aggressiveness of the car alone. It contains a honeycomb grille, large air intakes and some aero sculptured made additions. Car aggressive as far as taking the offensive line and seen from the front end, but it does not come as slim as improvements M4 vehicle. The M is also the subject of a back bumper and is also the largest portion protruding here. With some horizontal lines carved deeply car gets much better on the ground like that grip.

But 2016 BMW M2 has something that has not been added to the cars was based on a vertical reflectors in outer maximum. Has a rear bumper also publisher athlete mixed with a trademark quad exhaust pipe arrangement is seen in many of BMW cars. This car looks really impressive, such as bumpers reinforced adds 3. 1 inches to the width of the car, and with the forged aluminum rims 19 inches seems more impressive. There are different color schemes which customers can choose which include choosing between Long Beach metallic blue, white Alps, Black Sapphire metallic mineral gray and wealth Metallic. You can expect from the inside to get another set of M specific features, but also something that benefits all BMW cars have, and this is to prepare a driver-oriented. It is replaced by the standard sports seats with another point M which has strengthens the adjustable side.

He concluded it in Dakota leather with blue stitching them, the same way the leadership has been designed as well. Preparation of the dashboard is the same as all vehicles series 2, but includes this one included carbon fiber, and slots A / C on the driver’s side. Gets on the center console also a fair share of carbon fiber and blue contrastive stitching. The tool set has been designed on the basis of 2016 BMW M2 details. There M logos on the tachometer, steering wheel, door sill plates, while some have been added to include Alcantara leather door panel. Technical support has been justified with the use of the application and the application of GoPro M Laptimer. You can run these applications through a console touch screen and iDrive you can portray yourself by taking laps to use the application from GoPro. And Laptimer record different types and recordings through the leadership and with the insight you can improve some of the features the car’s performance and your leadership as well.

We brought our resources to run a covert operation in Munich disclose new details of the next 2016 BMW M2 us to speed about what to expect under the hood. The car will come with 3L inline six-cylinder engine under the bonnet. The engine to be able to make about 370 hp and 369 pounds of torque. Because of the difference in weight between the two series and 4 series, we have already mentioned that the new car will surely come with improved figures. According power output to the Germans, the 2016 BMW M2 power exceeded the outputs listed above. It is expected that the engine and improve the subject in order to produce approximately 374 horsepower and 384 pounds of torque, through the simple looks of things is a little change, however, the small increases will have a significant effect on its acceleration. Winning also thanks to xDrive AWD from option.

And to its compact size, the car will also be very fast, the German magazine indicate that the car will win 0-60 mph in less than 4. 3 seconds, which is very impressive terrain standards. According to a respectable publishing system transmission is DCT gearbox seven speed that will be provided as an optional feature along with the difference M active in the background to her, and said carbon fiber brakes. That, will record the transmission and thus be a hand of six gears that will come as standard tray speeds, unfortunately, the source does not quote whether the acceleration of 0-60 mph already mentioned above is to guide the automatic transport system. If the former, then the M3 and M4 everything will be in serious trouble.

Go deeper with the revelation, and the German magazine auto goes on to claim that they also know the price of the new car will come with even though we find that to be fallacy. The magazine suggests that 2016 BMW M2 will come with a price tag of about $ 71,700, which seems too good to be true. This is because the car will now be $ 10,783 more expensive than the M235i transform and cheaper than the duo M3 / M4 of $ 20,100.

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