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2016 BMW Next 100. Although he did not build the first car it until 1928 and the first motorcycle until the year 1923, BMW was established as an entity the business in 1916, following the restructuring of the Rapp Motorenwerke, which was founded in 1913. As a result, , the German brand celebrate its centenary throughout 2016, starting from March 7, the day when the company now known as BMW AG entered for the first time in the commercial register. As usual these days, put the BMW concept car especially for the 100th anniversary of her. It is called the 2016 BMW Next 100 and it’s supposed to future. Like most concept cars that have not been scheduled predicted that goes into production any time soon, and the vision of the next 100 promises more of everything. He plans BMW car that delivers more comfort and improved safety, and connectivity to the state-of-the-art and, of course, and effortlessly navigate. Yes, you guessed it, this is a self-driving concept.

It does not have the situation that allows the driver to control, but this has nothing in common with the company’s current slogan “the ultimate driving machine. ” “If, as a designer, I was able to imagine anything, there’s a good chance that it could become one day a reality,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW Group design this is the way things are going and BMW are looking obviously to adapt. . “So our goal has been with BMW following the 2016 BMW Next 100 to put future scenario people will enter with him. ” After disclosure of the centennial anniversary of the Olympic Hall in Munich event, the concept car will embark on a world tour titled “outstanding impulses. ” Will stop the vehicle in China, the United Kingdom, and the United States on the British event will see the introduction of seeing vehicles from both simple and Rolls Royce, while North America will include the launch of a new concept of BMW Motorrad and, split motorcycle brand. Until that happens, let’s take a closer look at the first of the BMW four concepts anniversary.

Unveiled at the Olympic Hall in Munich, and the vision of the 2016 BMW Next 100 part of the birthday gala ceremony throughout the year BMW to celebrate its founding in this day in 1916. (Mini and Rolls-Royce Vision concepts and bow in June, and the concept of vision motorcycle up in September. ) The the low electric car design slung copper-colored specifically as a sport sedan, and it measures 193 inches long, 54 inches high, or about the same length, but slightly less than the concept of five current series. The has four doors are supposed butterfly to Tom Cruise wants them the next Mission: impossible, which opens automatically by proximity sensors. Body cut through the air with a remarkably low drag coefficient of 0. 18. And the banners of all four wheels is not skirts, but by “the skin’s elasticity,” which can move with wheels drove. Resume sensors leadership sit behind a giant kidney network, which is the only indicator that this concept is BMW. Inside, to put pressure on BMW logo in the police station, steering bar (it’s not on the wheel) out of position for a flush engines.

It comes in the form of shifting more important in the form of about 800 triangles molded, which calls BMW “alive architecture” Picture a football stadium during the Super View Bowl halftime as the crowd creates clear images through the raising and lowering of thousands of banners in the organization rhythm. Now imagine that the crowd, miniaturized and placed on top of the dashboard this BMW and along the door and say they will use panels. BMW alive Engineering to provide 3-D messages instead of warning lights or LED screens. The car is about to overtake a slow truck? It may flap a few dozen triangles around in the right surroundings. A winding road in the future? Dash may take on the appearance of the road itself, instructions to you on the proper line and optimum speed. Anything these triangles can not be transferred will be projected across the entire windshield, which acts as a giant head-up display that can overlay information and alerts on the road. There is no touch screen stained finger on the horizon.

While traditional BMW models usually have four or even driving patterns, the 2016 BMW Next 100 boils down to two. In boost mode, the driver takes control, or so they thought. Triangles dash as a co-pilot, and flutter around indicate how they should or should not be paid. Switch to put ease, relax and triangles, steering bar slides away, the rear seats (not upholstered in leather, but something recyclable) pole to become part of the door panel, like a stretch Hummer on the way to a concert. In this mode, travelers can binge on social media, and stream movies, or whatever occupies digital nonsense much of our time in the future.

The 2016 BMW Next 100 will refer to pass the scene and the physical parameters that overlap them on the glass, and must for anyone in a separate car care world about them. But that’s not all. There is also a “large, cut gems” that live in the center of the dash and “symbolizes the intelligence contact [car] [and]”. He called companion, it’s HAL 9000 a German accent, and continuous monitoring of the people at home, learn their habits, and the development of ideas about what you want before you want it. It merges with the presentation of the windshield and can perform a “routine tasks” and to provide “appropriate advice. ” Rafiq could also watch for pedestrians and signal to them, through the green light, the car is aware of its existence.

“We want that every driver turns at the best driver, and a driver at the end of the day, if you will,” said chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk, the BMW favorite of all time is 3. 0 CSL “[Batmobile,” a gray version, which is parked within the original engine for the company factory in Munich. In the BMW in the future, though, it seems that even the driver ultimately does not really going to do a lot of driving. Instead, the cars are designed for riding, horseback machines in the end.

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