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Friday, March 18th, 2016 - BMW

2016 BMW Vision Next 100. If you know anything about the BMW, you know a small company uses the colors of the Bavarian state emblem and the invention itself several times during its history 100 years. (Exhibit A: Aircraft Exhibit B: C Motorcycle Exhibition: Isetta, MINI and I will not continue. ) The future of the BMW apparently still includes those famous kidney gates. So it’s not surprising that pays BMW latest creation also embodies the future of the movement itself. This week in Munich revealed that 2016 BMW Vision Next 100 concept, gull-winged door coupe gilded in gold plating and shading triangle. And surrounded by a wide wheels, and a covered dish and boasts a “windshield” This is actually a display augmented reality. When the car goes in the self-drive mode, and adjust the seats so passengers can better interact with each other.

It says 2016 BMW Vision Next 100 “combines coupe type of elegance with dynamic elegance of the car,” despite the fact that this description is not approaching the transfer over the strange look of this car. Here’s another picture of the car that reminds me a little of the Batmobile in the Batman movies Tim Burton after he turned on her protective armor:

A special “boost mode” that “focuses whole on the driver’s car, and provide the necessary support to maximize the leadership – for example the experience, by selecting the ideal driving line, driving and speed points. ” This feature is based on augmented reality to give the driver and indicator alerts. So for example, if there is a rider who is merged out into the street, you’ll see the flashing warning alerting you to their presence on your windshield. And “Easy Mode” to “see inside Conversion: the steering wheel and center console decline. Headrests turn to the side, and the seats and the integration of door trim to form a single unit so that the driver and passenger front seats can be towards each other turn out. ”

2016 BMW Vision Next 100 comes with “activation” mode enhances normal driving by doing things like dropping best campaign lines on the windshield. And put “easy” down the steering wheel, adjusted seats, and drag on the windshield for use in entertainment. Intelligent “companion” leadership style element studies and preferences of the main driver of the car so that they can ultimately result in some of the daily tasks, and provide advice on how best to complete the others. You will also be able to communicate with humans outside the car for example, which shows pedestrians when it is safe to cross in front of the vehicle while in self-driving mode. BMW Vision Next 100 concept of traveling on a tour of the media through China and the United Kingdom, and the United States in the meantime, the BMW Vision Next 100 traveling from Germany to be displayed in Beijing, London, and Los Angeles over the past year

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