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Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 - Chevrolet

2016 Chevrolet HHR. At the SEMA show in 2007, Chevrolet SS revealed HHR Panel – customized vision that reviews the next production model differed only slightly from the stylized SEMA concept. SS Panel combines the production HHR SS powertrain turbocharger, race suspension and the track was born with style unique body panel HHR. “It was natural that our designers and engineers brought up in the” what if “question when it came to the HHR SS and HHR Panel,” said Ed Peper, Chevrolet general manager. “They were given the green light to pursue that, and we believe that the result is a fun and exciting. So inflate the best qualities that have made the HHR so popular with customers. ” The concept HHR SS Panel combines elements of production with custom details. While the show car concept in events across the country, will be offered a limited edition production model HHR SS Panel on agents Chevrolet starting with the 2009 model year.

2008 models offer more than a unique look despite the fact intensify the power of the base models with the SS version. 250 and 260-horsepower engines have been described driving fun by many consumers, and to deal with is impressive is amazing. Automatic transmission is very smooth, and of course, you can get a lot of cargo room with the manual transmission seats. The fold down can feel heavy on the SS version. The rear seats can become uncomfortable in the rugged streets or on long journeys. Plates windshield wider limit your visibility, and drivers should always be aware of the big blind spot when changing lanes. Overall, features and performance, comfort and drivability HHR made a good choice for anyone looking for a reasonable way with a lot of cargo space.

Little changed on the outside of HHR models at all stages of production change, including the model years of 2007 and 2008 and included the most important news from the 2008 model year introduction of SS Turbo model more powerful and classy. The new model year, Chevrolet introduced the standard passenger seat fold flat, and they expanded choice of the driver of the engines, while achieving more horsepower SS model from any of models. This base HHR past where HHR sets itself apart in 2008, for sure. Include some details of the original look of mass available wheels 16- or 17-inch, available chrome trim on some models, flared fenders, a one-piece hood dating back to the 1949 Suburban, the single cavity headlights. The HHR widen to five and has a high ceiling cover and plenty of headroom. Seats fold down to make a lot of cargo room. Standard equipment includes air conditioning, power windows and locks, and General Motors OnStar system. Optional features include a sunroof, satellite radio, sound system pioneer upgrade.

It includes foundations and powertrain concept HHR SS Panel and intercooled diesel production 2. 0 L ECOTEC engine that produces 260 horsepower (194 kW), unique exterior styling and specific interior SS. The exterior details include production SS front and rear fascia, rocker panels, and modify the barrier SS front and rear spoiler. And also it features polished metal body trim side and 20-inch wheels that are unique to the concept car, while the “deer” paint scheme has the appearance of satin that recalls classic hot rods. Inside, sport seats embroidered SS – with suede like Ultra Lux Insert – to measure the new bloc with a speed of 140 miles per hour counter, and the a-pillar boost and measure, the new steering wheel centered on the driver and supports the car’s performance capability. Shipping area – no back seat – has been allocated with aluminum billet tie downs, and strips of land and brackets. Underneath pregnancy, a specially tuned suspension on the basis of the production suspension FE5 Sports SS may be sharp ride and handling, but have been modified a little bit the car’s concept of SEMA to accommodate larger production of 20-inch wheels and tires. Has developed and tuned suspension FE5 in the famous German Nürburgring race includes specific stability bars, spring rates and damper tuning – all designed to complement the turbocharged powertrain. Along with its high-performance attributes, it has been HHR SS is equipped with a range of safety and convenience equipment, including control system stability of the car and four-wheel disc brakes with ABS.

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