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Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 - Ford

2016 Ford Fusion. What brings the 2016 Ford Fusion is actually explained mostly from its name, which means a combination of many different things. Car mixes some new and graceful good looks, and power generation efficiency of the fuel that goes very well with the car consumption, and provides the ability to respond, away from the comforts maps interior space and luxuries that are difficult to obtain these days. The car is a Ford car Typical one design, which uses different aspects and blends them all in one cohesive. What was not many cars able to achieve is to get the internal space required and mix it with the good looks.

The Fusion was able to pull it with a new look, which is more than comfortable with the spacing that it now offers but one that looks good as well. The car is handsome and athletic, and have many of the technical support they can have a good time on a par with the same engine offered. Design does not lack efforts at home. The exterior design has been integrated with the inside of the car and holds a perfect combination of everything together. Since the previous model was voted as one of the handsome looking car of the year, choosing not to re-so much is a great thing. Profile retain the majority of the design is a great option and with the added inside the redesign makes everything bigger. Check out the rest of the review to see how things actually click together.

Apart from the number of kilometers of inspiring Fusion Hybrid. Will the passengers and driver quality smooth ride on all of the highways and in the city experience, and in addition to that, it would be too broad. The new hybrid will certainly be a very large number of laudable virtues that will be helpful to give a glimpse of. The car will come in three trim models that include the base S, mid-level SE and higher titanium model. However it will review the Fusion energy, a plug-in extended-range version of the Fusion hybrid separately, as is the Fusion with the gasoline engine and the regular version. The threat of a competitor who is likely to compete with the new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid include the Honda Accord, which has the Environmental Protection Agency estimates the superior of about 47 miles per gallon combined internal and intimate, which is on par with that of Ford.

The imminent danger is another hybrid Toyota Camry. This car comes with a well-rounded and the nature of the rankings mpg respectable pegged at 41 mpg combined. Despite the inspiring specs than its competitors, and we strongly recommend that you try the next 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid, which classifies it seems higher in our list of favorite. A standard, the new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid comes with anti-lock brake disc, rear view camera, stability and traction control, front side bags for seats, side curtain airbags and front knee airbags. Moreover, the base model comes with Ford’s Sync system, which will now feature alerts emergency crash that his cell phone and dials the emergency service number 911 on its own. Another advantage is the Model S will be Ford Mykey feature that comes in handy when you have teenagers or retainers drivers.

2016 Ford Fusion will include optional sensor equipment, parking, and electronic driver assistance systems and safety belts inflatable rear seat. It will include electronic help operating systems to monitor the blind spot, drowsiness detection, rear cross traffic alerts, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist. Interior will only get the basics, which are compared in a manner similar to the Fusion Hybrid. Generally, you’ll get much more elegant look with a touch MyFord due to the detailed 8 “touch screen. On the outer surface, and the base S trim comes with wheels 17” alloys and full power accessories, automatic headlights. But a lot of exciting features located inside the compartment Fusion Hybrid. The new Fusion hybrid will come with many exterior colors to choose from as well.

2016 Ford Fusion remains affordable option between the chip is offered in a car and has a price of US $ 22,600 as the base MSRP. Of course, if you consider the added packages available and can come to a slightly higher pricing, while the SE trim price of $ 24,170, and hybrid titanium US $ 31,430’s. The car will come on the market next year, and comes to us in April. There are a number of high-profile vehicles that Fusion is going to have to win in order to make it big this year, including this 2016 Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Malibu, Hyundai Sonata, Mazda 6, Nissan Altima and Kia Optima models.

The new 2016 Ford Fusion car comes with a 2 L four-cylinder engine that will work in conjunction with the electric motor, which comes powered by a lithium-ion battery. The combination of, they will be capable of generating up to 188 horsepower. Power will be transmitted to the FWD through the transfer system continuously variable (CVT). EPA as mentioned above 44/41/42 city / highway / combined. Estimates While the estimates may be influential, according to contemporary standards, and the Honda Accord Hybrid comes with appreciation notable about 47 mpg combined. He gave special tests of the new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid and 8. 5 second click of the race from 0-60 miles per hour, which is unfortunate in terms of the criteria terrain. Each of the hybrid Accord and Camry Hybrid influence over the Fusion Hybrid where the 0-60 mph.

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