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2016 Ford Maverick. The package Grabber sporting flair to reduce the price of Maverick Coupe, and they are worth a second look. The main purpose of the original Maverick to offer an inexpensive option within the sector, “compact”, was kidnapped in fact only a few performance options, even in her day. However, it has potential; these cars lightweight to have a look, have a structure derived Mustang-Falcon / can yield real fun just by swapping a few parts of the huge catalog of performance goodies. The Ford Maverick is a compact car that was manufactured by Ford April 1969-1977 in the United States, Venezuela (the first country outside the United States for its production), Canada, Mexico, and from 0. 1973 to 1979, Brazil – hiring rear drive platform dating to the original 1960 Falcon. Originally marketed as a two-door coupe priced at $ 1,995, Maverick is designed to be inexpensive to manufacture and name maintain. The “dissident” was derived from the word for animals modified group name, and stylized plate to resemble Prime long-horned cow.

1971, Grabber became its own model in the family, Maverick, not just a trim package. Model ensures the hood simulation scoops with paint opacity, stripes on the sides, badges fender, plate tail blackout, road lamps mounted on the bulkhead plate with Maverick, Dry blackened, hub caps with rings trim on the wheels 14-inch tires D70-14, twin mirrors color body Sports, spoiler separation of the door of the box, the windows bright and templates drip and guidance Deluxe wheel. The tires popping design Maverick in the long hood, roof fastback, short and surface popularized by the Persians, the 103-inch (2,616 m) base wheels – and appeared simple and inexpensive to manufacture rear side windows roll-ups instead of downs. Nearly 579,000 Mavericks produced in its first year. It rivaled This is the first year of record sales Mustang (about 619,000), and easily surpassed the Mustang sales of less than 200,000 in 1970.

The hands early is only available with a choice of 170. 0. 200 to 250 cubic or straight-sixes. Then in 1971, for the first time since the start of the use of Maverick, became the V-8 power available in the Ford 302. form and in 1971 was rated a barrel two of 302 at 210hp, which is enough to mid 9 second 0-60 and times fourth sub-mi 17 a second. For 1972, the auto industry has shifted from product to power net figures, which means a reduced ability to 143hp in the 302. dropping pressure was one of the reasons why the 70’s engines lost power, but in 1973, power has remained in the classification of 140hp, but by 1975 has been classified 302 to 129hp fiddling. Still parts of the 302’s abundant in the local parts store, and the performance and plentiful portions and 302 for Ford because it is a small block Chevy.

The changes year after a few years, with the 1972 model, adding to choose seats, interior trim some of the options, and additional colors ticker tape, and complimenting the color of the tail instead of the treatment blackout. And he gave “beating Ram” front bumper for the first time in 1973, and replaced scoops hood with hood and flattened tape stripes. Form 1973 did not benefit from the new treatment package, and the option of the bench. Instead of caps and rings axis Trim, you can order the Grabber with slotted aluminum wheels, available throughout the Maverick line, along with the radial tires. The year 1975, in addition a large bumper at the rear of the car, and delete the spoiler, and the availability of energy disc last year Brakes. The to Maverick Grabber, 1975, changes were limited to white letter radial tires and 14-inch styled steel wheels way. And continued independent production Grabber through 1975 and stopped the name at the end of the year to make way for a horse looking bolder. Production was abducted in good health, but the decline: 38 963 units in 1971. 35347 in ’72, ’73 32,350 in 0. 23502 in ’74 and only 8473 housing units for ’75. Toll up and had more than 138,000 hands, but not all of them are equipped with V-8.

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