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Monday, March 7th, 2016 - Ford

2016 Ford Super Duty is a big pick-up truck being made for the toughest jobs. Upon his release, and become a model F most famous line of this form. Ford has already revealed the news of the 2015 Ford Super Duty. This American company announced that this model should definitely go through a lot of improvements to enhance the durability and capability. One of the biggest changes in this model is a powerful engine design. There are no expectations for a change in size in order to give it improved performance. Reliable sources indicate that the 2015 Ford Super Duty will be the last model, F-450 Super Duty Platinum. Another change is that it will come with great power which can not be waived and control capability. Must be on the chassis and steering system also has some changes to improve. It must torque and horsepower also be more due to the excellent performance superb engine. Information is that the 2016 Ford Super Duty will be the replacement of the engine.

It is expected to see significant changes in terms of its appearance this device. It starts first-class aerodynamic lines that must be updated cars by displayed through aggressive with the car. Again, the body to maintain the four doors in addition to the trailer and functional. Structure facelift receives the face to make it stronger while rebuilding the front by including large powerful chrome grille and headlamps that must provide high-quality lighting. On either side, it must be strong chrome bumpers. Moreover, the inclusion of the fog lamps. It should highlight the mirrors on the outside to provide maximum control over what is in the trailer. Similarly, the trailer to be fully equipped with all suitable for cargo handling easy extras. Lighting is another tremendous advantage to look forward to. According to the sources, it must be its interior, the total combination of the excellent materials that must provide value for money to get this form. And making the car to accommodate a maximum of five passengers. Passengers should enjoy maximum security while cruising on the 2016 Ford Super Duty because of a variety of information, entertainment and security features in this new model. Also it included designers head and the rest of the hand that is one of the ideal attributes after hard work. Although this model is designed for business purposes, it should still have entertainment features and many other features to enjoy. They include the sound system with the ability to be connected to other devices, calling for the transfer of images from external camera among other things hands-free.

Ford has been upgraded and enhance the strength of Super Duty in 2016. The all-new, more powerful engine design comes equipped with a 10-speed automatic Powerstroke 6. 7-liter V8 turbo diesel with 440 horsepower and 860 pounds per foot of torque engine. An engine cooling system keeps the temperature in the 2016 Ford Super Duty truck, it can pull and pull with ease while maintaining fuel economy and lowering emissions. The new system also includes temperature control that enhance the efficiency of the turbo and performance. Ford maintains its class leading performance with fuel economy and engine operating quiet and clean.

2016 Ford Super Duty is now improved spine rugged and durable and comfortable in the Ford pickup line. Strong lines are still there, but now includes features that make work easier. Improvements and raise the level of lending the car a more comfortable yet powerful to support many areas of work. You can deal with this capture even the toughest jobs without interfering in its drivability. He did not give a release date for the 2016 Ford Super Duty re-powerful giant design, but you can expect for the first time in all parts of the end of 2015. Ford, to keep up with competitors in this market, and prices 2016 Super Duty range from $ 32,000 to 53, $ 000. The $ 32,000 price tag will be for the basic version F-250 Super Duty, at $ 53,000, while MSRP for the basic version 2016 Ford F-450 will be the Super Duty.

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