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Saturday, March 12th, 2016 - Honda

2016 Honda Clarity. Honda has decided that the future of transportation, sorry, we’re here talking about the future of the movement, and personal connected at least to a large extent so-called hydrogen economy. Even and CEO of the company Takahiro Hachigo president had gone to call hydrogen payment “end technology in the end”, he said his company will seek. And put aside for a moment that nagging feeling that the hydrogen be, forever, about a decade away from widespread adoption: If H2 is the future, then the new 2016 Honda Clarity fuel cell car represents the very edge of it bleeding. The future is, er, rarely neat as it is expected to be, both this car and Toyota Mireille show, but we can tell you that clearly seems to be advertised to work: we had a chance to creep toward the next sedan from the Tokyo Motor Show, and even if (very) quick turn on the steering wheel, in addition to a short period in a similar test mule have plug-in hybrids platform mate.

Looking at the car head 2016 Honda Clarity fuel cell, you will not notice any difference from the traditional sedan standard. Car extends 4895 mm long by 1875 mm and a height of 1475 mm. The car has aerodynamic and slender profile. In front of the headlights is characterized by sharp LED surrounding the grille similar to traditional sedans Honda. It also features a rear LED tail lights. The car will be introduced in three exterior colors namely black, white and red. It will clearly fuel cell and ride on 18-inch wheels. Honda announced that it will use the platform and the 2016 Honda Clarity of the fuel cell to the next generation of the expected hybrid Honda plug-in for the first time in 2018, which is expected to triple over the electrical components of the agreement in hybrid sedan.

Has made the reduction of fuel cells by 33% is possible for a roomy cabin large enough to accommodate five passengers. Will be the interior upholstered in high quality materials and will feature soft plastic here and there. Honda will also link the car with the latest technology features including Honda sensor suite, the robot cars, LED interior and exterior lighting and Apple CarPlay others. The car also connect up-to-date features such as USB ports feature, Bluetooth connectivity and integration intelligent This is the tip of the iceberg. It also displays information and modern entertainment system with a large screen and a sophisticated music system. The auto industry also offers a range of driving aids as an option.

Hydrogen in water and electricity, and this is how clean the leadership turn out to be. It is powered by a car modified version of the FCX 2016 Honda Clarity hydrogen cell that has been in the market since 2008 as a prototype. Through research, the company was able to drive a disk to provide more production. It produces 174 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. The engine allows the vehicle to complete the run from 0-60 mph in 9 seconds. Fuel cell 2016 Honda Clarity is the first hydrogen vehicle to feature power train under the hood. This was achieved by reducing the fuel cell stack by 33% to approximately gasoline engine size of 3. 5 L conventional V6 and leaving plenty of room cabin.

This also made it possible for Honda to install two tanks of hydrogen: a smaller tank under the rear seats and a large one in the trunk. Two tanks combine to give 435-mile range. What’s more, you can use the car to run home for a full week using a 9000 Honda power source tool. For beginners in the field of hydrogen technology, and the payment system works by compressed hydrogen mixing with oxygen to generate electricity and water. Electricity went to the lithium-ion battery pack that is placed under the front seats. Electricity is then sent to the electric motor that spins the front wheels of the car. The car takes just three minutes to refuel at a pressure of 70 MPa about the same time that it takes for a car powered by gasoline. However, the infrastructure is the biggest challenge for this car since there are only a handful of hydrogen stations and far between in the United States.

The clarity up to the Japanese market in March 2016, with the 2016 Honda Clarity in the early going to fleets of government and the business sector time. And then it is extended leases to Japanese consumers, followed by the US (read: California) and European drivers at some point after that. Japanese price is approximately $ 63,300, including the consumption tax, which reflects the fact that it is essentially a built-hand car specialization at this stage. This change than ever before, with the decline in prices to a hydrogen infrastructure for refueling it becomes ever more prevalent? Honda says it will. Just give around Decade.

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