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Saturday, March 19th, 2016 - Jaguar

2016 Jaguar XJ. For 2016, the Jaguar XJ gets the first in-depth transformation since 2010. It would have to squint extra hard to spot changes. Or, if we are honest, any XJ on the road at all. The current XJ does not appear in any way outdated, six years after the model is a testament to two things: Ian Callum deserves a big salary, and XJS In fact, all Jaguar models sold very limited quantities. Whether it’s because of perceptions can not be relied upon or the total dominance of the Mercedes-Benz of the market, leaving only the 4300 XJS a lot last year, and the continuation of the car line as the lowest-selling full-size luxury sedan. BMW and Lexus sold twice as many 7-series models and the LS in 2014, and Mercedes nearly six times the variables S class. 2016 Jaguar XJ is a car that damn nice that a lot of rich people do not pay.

Jaguar has been credited with the creation of a very good-looking cars and newcomer is no exception at all. A new look abroad will not be a revolution of the current rule, but the disc and add details in order to make a new appearance. Includes refreshments on the front end modified with huge central grille that sports a new network style, there are also the front bumper redesigned to sport a new chrome surround in the air intakes less developed. As already mentioned in the introductory part, will be the new 2016 Jaguar XJ fully integrating adaptive LED technology with automatic high beams, which, incidentally, a standard feature across the entire line-up. Unique Jaguar is the exclusive ‘J double “daytime running lights, while the exhaust oval rear lamps and new LED can be found at the back.

Auto industry is committed to continue the current trend to shed curb weight through the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon inserts, thus, the newcomer to take advantage of previous materials during construction. in order to make it easier to distinguish between the standard and long-wheelbase variants, all the standard wheelbase models come with some aerodynamic improvements, while the models long wheelbase will get a trim fresh interior, what underlines the importance of either luxury intentions italic or sports all. as expected, within the Jaguar car standard is very luxurious. wheelbase 2016 Jaguar XJ standard will come equipped models with a grain soft perforated leather seats, and “glove” embossed Jaguar logo on the headrests , pipes variation.

The model R sport retains eight of eight in the direction of the front seats of power advances with lumbar support 4-way, while the supercharged model will get a new 14-by-14-way power seats with lumbar support 4-way. Also available on the model R sport seats XJ is a 14-by-14-way optional comfort package, which is cast in the modified passenger memory, front seat massagers, electric rear sunshade, air conditioning and four area. When it comes to the entertainment system for the car, the new 2016 Jaguar XJ will rope in InControl Touch Pro system, 60 GB solid state drive, quad-core Intel processor, the next Ethernet Generale – not bad for a computer car. Another interesting feature is the status of cutting distances that learns the driver’s daily routine automatically, and provides alternative routes around traffic using both real-time and historical information roads. Another feature will surely fall in love with is to develop a curriculum.

Under the hood of the new 2016 Jaguar XJ will be a variety of V6 and V8 carry-over, each one of them will boast of aluminum, variable valve timing, direct injection and stop start fuel saving technology. To start with it will be super 3. 0L engine V6, which is capable of generating about 340 horsepower and 332 pounds of torque, and will be connected to either AWD or RWD. After that, it is super 5L V8 engine which will be capable of producing 470 horsepower and 424 pounds of torque. For the purpose of enhancing the driving experience, Jaguar will offer a bevy of aides performance. There will be a steering electrical energy with the help of the RWD models only. Last assistant for all surface will monitor progress. Others include adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, vehicle sensor Close, Park Assist, and reverse traffic detection system.

It is expected that the sale of the stores hit by the fall of next year at a starting price of $ 75,000 of the new 2016 Jaguar XJ.

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