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2016 Mercedes A45 AMG. It caused the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG über between slot storm when she arrived in Australia in 2013. A sharp design, and saw the way the demand exceeds supply badge ambitious and powerful series production 2. 0-liter engines in the world. However, hundreds of people are more than happy and proved to wait six months (or more) to get my hands sticky one. Now renovation process fairly large in middle age is here, two years after the launch of the original A45, a quick shift by the standards of the automotive industry. In all honesty, the differences between the real world and RS3 and A45 AMG is not huge, and outside of the race track you will not feel it so much.

But it’s good to have bragging rights. In both cases, it is still simply drive a large, brimming with character Sam and grab all types of POPs, groaning and growls. No four-cylinder seems meaner to overcome, and it’s amazing that the car does not spit fire on passers-by, given the auditory sensation for. There is still a great, barely perceptible whine that emerge, privacy when lifting off throttle. What really makes a copy in 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG dynamic leadership of resolving the situation Select system, which has increased from C63. The old system in the previous model had only had two modes, comfort, sport, and one extra to put the gearbox’s manual. the new? At least five modes.

And the 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG, as it is called now, is part of the restructuring of the label and the wide brand that has seen the formation of a dedicated brand Mercedes-AMG. This has brought a number of important to the table, which in large part include deficiencies in-car. These old more advanced title of the new elements driving mode, select a system with built-in determine the path and the addition of the all-important dampers adjustable. There are also the largest information and entertainment screen with better software and more features, along with design.

Additionally revised subtly, those engineers crazy in Affalterbach has been tweaked to break down the borders to produce more power and torque, ensuring the engine that annoying new remnants Audi RS3 behind in production quotas, despite the larger engine and five bowl him. What is there to expect? From the perspective of cosmetics, limited changes but meaningful. No basic silhouette remains, but there is a new nose more meaningful, different tail lights, a new set of 19-inch wheels, and a new rear yard. 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG claims Aero best, so take note, track goers. Ditto in the cabin. The same, a little chaotic center stack is struggling, even gets a few new buttons silver nice. But there are some additions welcome, such as the new, larger screen with better graphics – it’s the same unit of 8. 3 inches as the C-Class and GLC – although COMAND still no BMW iDrive, in my eyes.

You also get the DAB +, and cars December (produce any if you order now) will get Apple CarPlay. Include standard cruise control radar equipment, and monitor the blind spot, the self-braking, lane assist, heated seats, and the system of Harmon Kardon sound (that’s a touch muddy in the upper end), and the seats performance hard-backed 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG started to feel part of the racing cars. Lairy belts and red seats carry over, along with some of those instruments AMG downright sexy. Featuring the familiar wheel racing along the lines of race suede / leather new set of metal paddle shifters, which is more gentle to the point before. Obviously more resolved cabin, although some may not find that on first impression. Give it time.

Given this new package, there are a few questions to answer. You must trade in the old for a new car? Enough changes to justify higher prices $ 2,200 to $ 77,900 in addition to costs on the road? Is better than austerity cosmetically 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG but the obsession on par, $ 78,900 RS3? Therefore, the questions asked in a simple summit somewhat to answer. MY16 updates to the A45 AMG goes no further than the new badge. In fact, it deals with most of the complaints we had a repetition of the smallest before. This hot rod Affalterbach is the best driver of the day before, but they also have more edge when you want it. Due to the likes of RS3, updated M135i and the Ford Focus RS is contained on the hunt, this is the bar was the team’s AMG leap. The company has done everything you can expect from a reasonable update in mid-life.

Audi overwhelmed authority figures 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG with the RS3 hot, and despite the fact that the use of a car made from 2. 5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine, the fact that the engine suddenly became “mundane” did not sit well with the three-pointed star. “We do not rest on our laurels, but constantly strive to develop our products, saying: ” Tobias said Morse, head of Mercedes-AMG GmbH for. “The A-45 still has a lot of improvements that we felt compelled to do it to the fullest extent. Claim our brand simply obliges us. ” Engineers in more than 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG fettled engine with 2 liters A45 and got a few more horses than that.

The power rating now at 282 kW and 475 N. m. This represents an increase of 17 kW and 25 N. m on rating. Chilling current energy, despite the fact that the 0-100 km / h race being careful to go out in 4. 2 seconds. 0. 4 seconds faster than the 2016 Mercedes A45 AMG, outgoing, and most importantly, 0. 1 seconds faster than the Audi RS3. Despite increase in strength, and A45 personalities maintains fuel return than the previous model: 6.9 L / 100 km / 162 g / CO2 per kilometer. Also saw a seven-speed dual-carrier movement clutch some refinement, and has added a new package AMG dynamic addition to provide more traction.

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