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Sunday, March 20th, 2016 - Mercedes

2016 Mercedes GLC. Mercedes and stimulate quite a variety of its products during the past few years, first through its support in the roots, with cars compact sedan CLA Class new swoopy, and then cross the GLA- Class match. What room remain until the line model for the C-Class once modest to become more sophisticated so far (even sexy) car. Now, within the limits of utility crossover, Mercedes form to apply some of the same mojo new nameplates, not quite, a medium-sized GLC category. Mercedes GLC-Class 2016 is to replace the completely redesigned for the Mercedes GLK, which was, until recently, a smaller, more affordable Mercedes crossover.

At first look, there is absolutely no doubt that everything in the family. Followed the current GLK form this much boxier of the largest M-Class (now called GLE); but with the new 2016 Mercedes GLC, moving Mercedes-Benz glimpse somewhat more diverse and details, yet softer and design the front end, which is the most striking away. While we have to admit we were going to miss serious, chiseled lines in the GLK, the GLC takes a step upmarket, and now looks like a GLE first class to the point that if you do not see it next to one, you may be left wondering which one you’re seeing. It’s true there is a small gap. There is now a difference is only about six inches “in length between the two countries.

Just like the C-Class and Redesigned for 2015, 2016 Mercedes GLC gets a big bump in overall length (4. 6 inches) and wheelbase (4. 7 inches) plus a few inches more length, which should lead to a roomier much internal. it results in 2. 2 inches more background legs, in addition to an area that is easier to get in and out, in general. increase cargo space as part of the GLC in “growth strategy”, as industry cars puts it, with the word goods both longer and wider than ever before. is a back door available to the process, setting a minimum air suspension also allows download – hands-free (slap foot). while it can be seen the green light as a ready-for GLE (movement Liberation, to update), it is not pretentious. the design of the interior is also very different key and upgrade the look of a more simple and the GLK.

And 2016 Mercedes GLC to go with a design that is influenced clearly that the current private C in-dash-Class, where follows a horizontal view, rather than that he is splitting from the center console and a wide center console and a set of round holes, with independent information and entertainment display stands on top of that. Inlaid metal edges and soft-touch materials add up to look jeweled which was reserved for the most expensive models M- b. Is built on the GLC on the new body, which relate to the sedan C-Class high-strength and pairs of steel with aluminum and plastic, to save about 110 pounds compared GLK former; gross vehicle weight has been reduced by 176 pounds compared GLK comparable, says that Mercedes must weights placed entry rein in a little under 4,000 pounds mark.

2016 Mercedes GLC up for the first model year only in the rear-wheel-drive GLC 300 all-wheel-drive GLC 300 4MATIC models, both powered by a playful 2. 0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the line, which makes 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque rotation (in very accessible, such as diesel 1300 rpm). It is paired with nine conveyor speed automatic transmission, and we found the powertrain group in an early campaign to be responsive and very smooth at all but some of the low-speed driving. Powertrain has also environment, comfort, sport, sport + individual modes, each with its own control of the steering system, steering and suspension (if available).

Eco position to “sail” functions for coastal extended; smooth body with a long list of measures the air should also help boost the economy in fuel consumption dramatically over gasoline outgoing models. Diesel models are missing in the beginning of the squad but is expected to join later in 2016, as 2017 models. It is mounted on the front suspension system with four-link the bones of the upper wishbone, rear axle and five-link. Four-wheel drive system 4MATIC in 2016 Mercedes GLC sends torque to the front and rear wheels in the 45/55-split, through differential with planetary stability control system to help them get traction to the wheels you need. Steel spring suspension system with variable damping is standard, while the air control body with vital help select settings allow better comfort as well as strict control body in a quick maneuvers.

According to the automotive industry that the spring and damping forces can be adapted within 60 milliseconds. In addition, the sport preparation allows + structure to fall nearly an inch. Mercedes has developed a tremendous work to the noise of the cabin, and the study of “psycho-acoustic properties,” the green light to help the less different noise components and enable easier conversation. While it seems to have worked wonders with the road noise and public debt in the cabin, we still noticed a fair amount of wind noise in the early campaign.

Prices 2016 Mercedes GLC begin very soon from the previous mark GLK. It will start at just under $ 40,000, and climb closer to $ 60,000 for models that are fully loaded. The total cost also varies depending on the options you choose and also adds new Mercedes cars to the line. It’s okay to get excited, though, it has to undertake in 2016 Mercedes GLC SUV to make a big splash in a pool of stiff competition! Traders are expected to be the 2016 Mercedes GLC-Class available near the end of 2015.

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