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2016 Mercedes SUV. The release of the 2016 Mercedes SUV is much the US market and the best option that will cover the needs of the car GLK in fact completely replaced. And SUV is in fact a new model that appeared GLK instead of one. It is a model designed to replace it. It is more affordable and also smaller crossover option that is currently available in the Mercedes lineup. What Mercedes has done over the past few years is really to activate the lineup and provide some important changes to update some of their compounds. Some of the best examples is to provide a swoopy CLA- car class sedans and crossovers matching GLA-Class, and even made a modest C-Class car more sophisticated as well.

Use the same type of formula and method of production, Mercedes has decided to modernize the SUV-Class and the final result is a midsize crossover vehicle that you see in front of you, or at least in the pictures at the moment. Initial changes are, of course, aesthetic, where the new 2016 Mercedes SUV made with more curved and swoopier lines instead of the boxy shape was the GLK. With making personal more attractive, Mercedes has established a base for the new car and continued onward from that. If you want to know more about this car and find out the specifications that the car now comes with, you can continue to read the review for more information and detailed.

Of course, the most prominent change is the exterior design, which has a more diverse personal and modern look. The car was the previous form of the fund, which can now be seen as outdated is like. 2016 Mercedes SUV will be the new way much and certainly one handsome better. Besides a car with some of the details softer, and will look at the most obvious change on the front where the car is going to have a more striking design and even better general features. Mercedes includes this new form in the majority of new vehicles. GLK and was probably carved the face of it but it was something that will need to be left in the past. SUV and now looks like GLE one category, and there are probably a few of the hallmarks that differ between these two cars. When you take a close look to the outside of the Mercedes SUV you will notice the subtle design has now.

Different ratios before and you can probably noticed better on close inspection of the car. Maybe not all people will fall in love with the design in the beginning, but the beauty of the car is clear and precise work of the statue of detail can be observed from afar. In order to add more customization to the car, it has a 2016 model and also a wide range of exterior colors that are provided for you to choose. In total there are 11 choices and added sports package and a night package to make the overall situation better. Inside there are an equal amount of changes that you make 2016 Mercedes SUV modern version a lot of car GLK. Using a larger center console and center stack, and include car dash which has a horizontal view and a group of round holes and the system of information and entertainment added which is dominated by a large screen on top of it.

It is added a beautiful touch materials throughout make for an exclusive look that dominates the entire interior. This is something which was seen only in the most expensive and sophisticated models of the Mercedes, but is now available in the base of one of the 2016 Mercedes SUV. In fact the interior is closely based on one category C which is more than clear when trying to compare the two designs together. Some would say that it is exactly the same design, but does not really have more stimuli 2016 Mercedes SUV than the other. We also need to add that some of the new interior colors that really liven up the place inside. Mercedes has been accused in the past to use some nice colors, but this time they go so far as some of the colors comes new schemes with touches of wood and five different upholstery options as well.

2016 Mercedes SUV will be offered with two diesel engines to begin with, point SUV 220D and 250D. They’re actually tuned different versions of the same engine – in this case, the Merc on the M274 2. Unit 1 liter. The version to be more modest 168 bhp, while the 250D will provide 201 bhp. Because they are both based on the same engine, as it claims the same economy and emissions ratings. Both production and 129 g / km of CO2 and claim an average of 56. 5 mpg. Not surprisingly, the 250D is the faster of the two, with the next 0-62 mph in 7. 6 seconds and a top speed of 138 mph. And 220 D manages 0-62 mph in 8. 3 sec system, and has a top speed of 130 mph. And a pack of standard gears via normal SUV set to be nine-speed automatic – will be offered any manual transmissions. The four-wheel drive is standard on all versions of the car as well. A plug-in hybrid version up shortly after launch. 350e point, and will be a combination of 208 bhp petrol engine with an electric 114 bhp engine, automatic transmission featuring seven-speed.

It says Merc sources must be able to drive on electric power alone for about 20 miles, and will emit “less than 60 G / km” of CO2. The Merc provide 2016 Mercedes SUV with two traditionally call the structure set-ups: Recreation and Sports tougher. Auto industry expects many customers to choose the optional air suspension. It can be combined with the off-road package adds choose to ride heights, lifting the SUV by 30mm and an additional 50 and MM, or lower it by cutting 15 mm. This feature also adds an additional page data for system information and entertainment in the SUV’s. SUV will get a copy of the performance but, at least initially, it will not be a full house AMG V8. Instead, the SUV 450 AMG sports use gasoline twin-turbo V6, producing around 360 bhp. We expect to arrive in the first half of 2016.

The new product from Mercedes comes to us this year in November, when it is expected to reach dealerships. Until the date of the release of the 2016 Mercedes SUV is very close and the options will be big and popular by some of the expectations. Starting for SUV 300 in the $ 39,875 price is determined, while SUV300 4MATIC comes at a MSRP of $ 41,875 base. It will competition faces, which comes in the form of 2016 BMW X3, the latest Audi Q5 and Volvo S60 current.

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