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Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 - Nissan

2016 Nissan SUV. Nissan Rogue is the American version of Qashqai, crossovers and Nissan are well-known in Europe. For the first time in Nissan Rogue in 2007 during the North American International Show in Detroit. It is produced this model in Nissan Smyrna facility in Detroit. Automaker is preparing to release in 2016 Nissan SUV model in an attempt to satisfy the car enthusiasts who are always craving for the introduction of new improvements. The new model boasts of unique features and high specifications. When it comes to performance, it is expected to be in its own league Rogue Nissan 2016. It will reach not only the world of the automobile industry with a great performance, but it will also fascinate prospective buyers with improved aerodynamics and improvements decent.

2016 Nissan SUV will come with minor changes, as they appeared in the recently re-designed large. However, it is expected mid-cycle model 2017 Beauty in 2016 and brings the small adjustments that will show what we can expect from the next facelift. As we are used to, the same models have different names, and some specifications depending on the market, so you will be able to find the Nissan Rogue under the name Qashqai which is used for the European market, or as DUALIS how it is called in Australia and Japan. Rogue was appointed in Nissan 2016 to come up with a slight change due to the fact that it has recently undergone a major re-design of the previous model. Consequently, this will have a minor facelift to its name. This car has different names depending on the market where it is available. For example, it applies to the qashqai name in Europe and DUALIS in Asia and Australia. Whatever name they go by, this is a high-performance vehicle, as described below.

A new 2016 Nissan SUV is coming with many of the changes that will improve it even more and make him one of the best models in the classroom. The new model will be built on the same platform as its predecessor. It is likely to come a little bit lighter compared to its predecessor. The reason for this is the use of lightweight materials. Some of these materials are aluminum, carbon fiber and light, but the strength of the steel. With a lighter body in 2016 and Nissan Rogue improve the general performance and fuel economy. This SUV will be able to overcome all kinds of surfaces and with the wheels 17 and 18 inches of new alloy. The new model comes with a redesigned front grille slightly and some new headlights as well. Front grille be V-shaped, it will be exactly the chrome-plated and more powerful. In the middle of Nissan it will be known worldwide logo placed.

2016 Nissan SUV will also be re-designed headlights and will be provided with the latest LED technology. To get a better view, and there will also be a new round fog lamps, installed on the front bumper redesigned. The new Rogue Nissan 2016 will come with a five-door and the ability of the cabin up to five passengers. It will be available in three trim levels, which are the S, SV and SL. When it comes to the inside of the new Rogue, the cabin will be black, more sporty and full of new entertainment features. According to the highest level of quality materials and the latest technology touches, it ensures maximum comfort in this four-wheel drive. Bluetooth connectivity, active speakers, climate control, anti-lock brake system, airbags, blind spot monitoring are just some of the new technological advantages and safety.

Changes to the engine and therefore there is no performance. The engine is that of its predecessor, and is served any optional engines by its manufacturer. It keeps the base four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2. 5 liters. This unit discharges 170 hp as well as 175 lb. ft Rotational torque. CVT transmission is paired with the prevailing FWD. The four-wheel drive is an optional feature. There is no change under the hood 2016 Nissan SUV, and its engine is more than its predecessor, and Nissan Motor Co. still does not offer an optional engines. 2. 5-liter four-cylinder engine is the base unit of energy only good for 170 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque. CVT transmission remains the standard, that is associated with front-wheel drive, standard or four-wheel drive is also optional. The fuel economy of the 2016 Rogue has not changed, but still with a very competitive price. With FWD delivers 26 mpg in the city and 33 on the highway and 28 combined. With AWD delivers the same numbers in the riding side by side, but less than a mile in the other parameters.

It is expected that in 2016 Nissan SUV will hit the market sometime in the mid-2015 time, model 2016. The starting price for this SUV’s nice to be around $ 25,500

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