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Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 - Renault

2016 Renault 4 will come with a style that is more modern. The car also comes with the latest technology. This car has all the qualities of a true off-road vehicles. Beautiful version has some additional methods that stand out from the model. As previously reported, the four Renault design competition ever wonder up-and-coming designers in the world for a penalty shot on the updated hatchback Quatrelle iconic brand. Here’s one design that really impressed us: the Italian David Obendorfer “revive the impression of childhood. ” Such as Nova Fiat 500, Obendorfer revival takes classic lines of inspiration, and wraps them around modern foundations.

2016 Renault 4 receive cosmetic and mechanical modifications are very few, devoted all his life as a level entering the mobile through the glass roof of the automotive world. Models in late 1992 and on an equal footing does not have amenities such as an early example, but still continues to sell strong regardless. There are different types of the body over a long reign. Initially a simple hatchback Quatrelle well as less powerful and less equipped R3 available, pick-up truck, panel van (Fourgonette), SUV (4 × 4 Sinpar) and cabriolet (plain air). And Fourgonette become very creative in France, often referred to as the boulangerie. Fourgonette continue until the van to be sold until 1993 has become a familiar sight in France until replaced by the Renault Express / additions, based on second-generation Renault 5.

2016 Renault 4 is a new car that will be present with the classic design of modern technology pattern. He said the car was originally a small farm instead at all, but then that is the initial hatchback. Family car engine front-wheel drive marks the first of its kind produced by the Renault brand, which became famous for Renault 5, Twingo and Clio. And “Almichajer ‘because it was the genesis of the Renault brand. During his stay.

The 2016 Renault 4 range of six engines available from 603 cc to 1108 cc, but the staying power of 23 bhp and 34 bhp from the border, so that it can move all flat-out at all in the streets of England and never actually in danger of the driver receives a speeding ticket on the highway. As well as a five-door hatchback, and there are also vehicles, 4 × 4 cars beach known as plein air.

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