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Sunday, July 24th, 2016 - Scania

2016 Scania. The Scania trucks new generation for the first time the world on August 23, coinciding with the anniversary of the 125th brand celebrations. The the new generation is the largest investment in new products and services, and is set to be circulated in several stages, beginning with who will be the European stage market. Each long distances a clear focus on the different sectors of industry and sold in parallel with the current offerings Scania.

News agency reported diesel vision again in February 2014. At that time, speculated diesel News, “and made a vertical door handles some evidence coming from Södertälje truck, headquarters of the Scania outside of Stockholm. Also the side panels line the roof does not look a bit Scania’s nest. The Scania’s reluctant even to acknowledge the existence of a new model until this week. August 23 is Scania’s history announced would start out by launching a new generation of trucks through the detection of the first units are designed to strip long transport European date. this will be the first public visits to invest greater than ever in new products and services that Scania, which at the same time celebrates the 125th anniversary of her.

“The common denominator is that the Scania has developed a wide range of custom designed products and service solutions, which help to reduce operating and maintenance costs, and also to enhance the readiness of the vehicle, ” said Scania’s statement. “The aim of Scania to become a leader in the field of transport and sustainable development, where partnerships and digitize will play an increasingly important role.

Sustainability is also one of the logos in the next release, which will be crucial for the competitive future of the ability of a Scania and its customers and also to their customers. “the new models are introduced in several stages, Scania plans to sell all of the new group and the present generation of trucks along in the period of transition to a whole new set. The gradual implementation of the new generation will start with applications for trucks in the European transport sector for long and will be later followed by additional variables truck.

“We are now in the final stage of the sales network preparation and service, as well as European production units. At this moment, we do not provide any additional information about the many innovations, which are in the shop, but I am convinced that what will reveal the Scania on August 23 will be talked about – the both inside and outside the sector, “he said. Scania the latest in a push to become the industry leader in sustainability also saw his participation in the first electric road corridor in the world, and supply trucks that are specifically for this joint venture in Sweden built.

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