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Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 - Tesla

2016 Tesla 3 will be unveiled in March, but will Tesla “not everything show” we will soon get the first look at our new Tesla 3, but won’t be in Geneva Motor show as we thought previously. the speech on financial results Tesla, which will see the car for the first time on March 31, 2016 pre-production in 2017. Tesla’s Elon Musk coach also said today that orders will open on the internet in the next day or the same day if I went to one of the United States brand stores. However, earlier spoke at a special ceremony at the Tesla base in Chambery, France, hinted musk in overlapping detection Tesla 3 similar to that which we have seen for the model X SUV. he musk “the images first 3 of the model to be the end of March.” ” I’m being a bit coy here, we is not gonna show everything from Tesla 3 until much closer to the production time. ” With Tesla 3 Production is due to begin in 2017.

This may mean that we have much longer to wait before getting a look unrestrained in the production of car 2016 Tesla 3. The third model Tesla, it revealed exclusively to express cars that Elon Musk on the chosen 2016 Tesla 3, can make its world debut in Europe – home model three prime competitors 3 series BMW, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4 and Jaguar XE. but words musk that would appear to indicate that the March event will reveal the model pre-production rather than the final version. Although we’ll get the first glance of the new first 2016 Tesla 3 this year, is not expected to until mid-2017 to be the power of the Tesla 3 will come from batteries produced in gigafactory new Tesla, which will go on stream in Nevada at a later shipments the first of this year.

It is known Tesla for making luxury electric cars, and while expected to be more affordable than the previous car in the range Tesla 3, is expected to be similar to that of the Model S technology on display – “although it will not completely happen to have as many bells and whistles “, according to musk. Salon will new electric Tesla will be around 20 per cent less than the Model S. extra interior space is possible by using an electric motor and batteries must create more space for storage than you would find in competing compact executive car. We expect Tesla 3 to feature four-wheel drive and 17-inch touch screen information system and a huge entertainment used to control almost everything in the cabin as standard.

At the end of last year, Tesla launched a new program of renovation for its cars, allowing the car to have an “autopilot” autonomous driving mode. While the company did not confirm this, the model is equipped with three come with this feature. Active safety is another key element of the S model and the model X, this is what should also appear on the 2016 Tesla 3. Another benefit of ownership of Tesla on the other electric cars, is the freedom to use the network compressor Tesla, who said Musk will enable owners of Tesla’s paying the length and breadth of the UK United by the end of 2015.

2016 Tesla 3 will probably be powered by a newly developed 90kWh battery produced in gigafactory Tesla. Tesla spent huge sums of money on research and development of batteries, in order to get the best possible range, it is believed that gigafactory will revolutionize the way in which the making of batteries, in turn, helps make the overall cost down. On a full charge, Musk said, you can expect three model we have a realistic range of over 200 miles, with a strong performance and zero emissions.

The company said a recent upgrade “ridiculous” to a Form S allowing it to launch from 0-62mph in just 2. 8 seconds. It may not end soon, but we imagine that Tesla 3 present the maximum similar levels of performance. Tesla 3 is likely to use four-wheel drive system, which consists of two engines – one in front and one in the rear – similar to those on the S. car model can independently control the torque to the front and rear wheels, with the aim of providing optimal traction in all conditions. Tesla says its cars are built around the driver and 2016 Tesla 3 will look to offer customers a similar driving experience for S. This model means that buyers expect the structure of well controlled with compliance enough to be considered a comfortable amount.

Musk said in a recent trip to the United Kingdom that he planned to set up research and development base here and can be up and running in time to feed into the pilot project 2016 Tesla 3. It is said that the new car to be about 20% smaller than the S model and shows how our image can look. Musk said the key that should retail for around $ 35,000 (probably equivalent to about £ 30,000 in the UK), the new model, the cheapest battery technology is made possible by the coming Gigafactory Tesla. This will be a new plant producing batteries for all models Tesla, as well as clients (rumored to include the Mercedes and Nissan) persistent storage program for storing energy from solar, wind and farms. A decision on the location of the new Gigafactory is imminent, with the US states of Nevada, Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, all in the running.

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