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Monday, June 13th, 2016 - Tesla

2016 Tesla Model 3. Tesla back to Twitter to stir up fans with the latest sensation of information about the company model 3 car. Following Reuters report yesterday, which claimed the company was in talks with Samsung SDI Co. much hyped supply completely batteries for electric vehicles, Elon revealed Musk actually cells will be through Panasonic. He added that the two companies firmly wedded – model S and model X Tesla car also use cells made by the Japanese technology company.

Almost out indicates, it was thought that a deal between Tesla and Samsung SDI was on the table in order to help cover the extraordinary demand for car. After being detected in the form of pre-production at the end of March, musk company has received nearly 400,000 pre-orders 3 of the model, and was forced to change its production schedule table. It was not the original plans to manufacture 500,000 cars per year by 2020 to forward two years to 2018.

We knew 2016 Tesla Model 3 will look like a copy of the more squat large model S, but what is very strange, especially at first glance in the car is that Tesla has supplied the barrier completely. Gates S and X is a completely cosmetic, because the EV does not actually need one. However, it’s a bit jarring to see smoothed over in the front end. He and other design details, from the big rims red color of the first class, and usually Tesla. As expected, musk promised Form 3 will arrive at the end of 2017, although delays production, such as those that have affected the preliminary Tesla former can push it back to the year 2018. earlier in the day Tesla Motors began taking $ 1, 000 reservations from customers to get on the waiting list to buy EV.

At the time of the event, and it was 115,000 people had signed up, and this number is still ticking up pledged rapidly. Musk that the 2016 Tesla Model 3 will have a range of 215 miles at least the Environmental Protection Agency in the category, and to meet the safety standards of five-star in each category, and come standard with a supercharged. Musk pledged to double the number of compressors in the next year as well. It will make 0-60 in less than six seconds 6. Model S is not “exciting Speed ridiculous”, but not a prison, either. “At Tesla, we do not make a slow car, ” he said.

After a large detection, Tesla gave attendees a test ride in the sample relating to pre-production for 2016 Tesla Model 3. It was a bit primitive at home, with the exception of the sprawling screen 15-inch sides, which occupies the center console. This is a little bit smaller of 17 inches models in the X and S, but in the scene rather than the vertical direction, which Tesla hopes will put more information closer to the driver’s vision. One huge piece of glass is a ceiling. It’s quick to curse, too, despite the fact that this model was setup dual engine. (Base model 3 most people will get will be the rear wheels. ) Now all Tesla to do is to build all these cars.

Thanks musk attendees who have purchased previous models, saying these clients and laid the foundation by giving Tesla the revenue that needs to be done mass production of the 2016 Tesla Model 3. Description CEO evolution of Tesla as part of a secret master plan, with the original car that prove that EV could be cool and S models and X prove that electric cars and crossover can mean compete. The Gigafactory to make all lithium-ion batteries needed now up and running, and vowed to musk, which would make more lithium-ion batteries from all the factories in the rest of the world combined. The deformed in the state of Nevada is the largest footprint of any industrial building in the world.

As for the 2016 Tesla Model 3 price? Musk stuck to his own $ 35,000, but options could raise this amount significantly. However, he said: “Even if you have no choice, this would be the best car you can buy. “

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