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Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 - Volkswagen

2016 Volkswagen Scirocco is the third series of the car, the Volkswagen Scirocco for the first time in 1974. These included the car in the first car produced by Volkswagen as the German cars. Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe First produced as a car containing three doors with the size of the cabin is very narrow. During production, the first series is subject to a number of changes, particularly on the part of the body, and is considered reasonable for the Scirocco is one of the first series of the Volkswagen.

The motive behind the exterior design brand new from several trim 2016 Volkswagen Scirocco R- before in keeping with the custom bumpers and side sills, roofing wing and rear diffuser system. It has been improved new Scirocco GTS also 3D slogans in the radiator grille and on the tailgate. In order to achieve a classic look a little bit, put designers black side mirror caps. Cars and got a 18 “wheels Norwich and optional 19” wheels Lugano to match the red brake calipers of the vehicle, and a pair of badges red or black bar across the car hood and roof. Sporty GTS comes in some new colors: red and white flash of pure, white oryx, Urano gray, black and gray indium Depp. Buyers can also choose black Vienna leather furniture, multifunction steering wheel, headlights bi-xenon and panoramic opening roof inclination.

As for the interior of the Scirocco GTS redesign, it’s quite an upgrade, and comes in black with red accents added. There GTS badges on the steering wheel seats, and thresholds and guidance. Red accents are also dominant on the box carrier arm, armrests, hand brake lever and floor mats. Some other unique features is the internal structure the information system and entertainment Color (available in the Scirocco for the first time), pedals, stainless steel, and “golf ball” knob and gear. This car represents the debut of the second generation of the matrix and media modules in this series of sports cars. Systems that can be found in the Scirocco: Blind Spot Monitor, Park Assistant grade car, light help, the DCC comment vibrant system, XDS transverse differential lock, hill hold assist, and the sound system DYNAUDIO raises. In the Chinese market, and skin and slot inclination breathtaking roof comes as standard.

2016 Volkswagen Scirocco is a city car that will look stylish when you pass the city streets smooth. When you want to afford to travel long distances, many of the things that you should really look very mature. The first is a small capacity engine. It will be very difficult when you are traveling a great distance. The small engine capacity tends to heat faster, and therefore require a special time to cool before continuing the journey. May 2016 Volkswagen Scirocco engine has been through many changes compared with the first series, which are used only for the gasoline engine. The use of diesel engines in the three-door hatchback is still very new industry of rare cars, to do so. Transportation system was also very modern, which is to use a series 1400 cc engine with 6-speed manual transmission type.

Vector new automatic transmission is used on larger devices using a 6-speed for gasoline engines and also the speed of 7 for diesel engines. 2016 Volkswagen Scirocco, which is the last edition of the Scirocco series launched for the first time in the automotive exhibition in Portugal. The car is still used hatchback panel of three access doors to enter the car. Athletic body owned by the Scirocco, is the work of automobile designer named Walter de Silva. Instruments used by the Scirocco still using a small engine capacity between 1400 cc series to the maximum 2000 cc engine with the use of gasoline and diesel engines.

Volkswagen subjected the Scirocco GTS 2016 in Shanghai cars. I will definitely be announced on the cost of the brand new 2016 Volkswagen Scirocco GTS later, but it is expected that the difference with the expenditure-speed manual transmission is about $ 35,000 (EUR 33,000), while for DSG needs to include another $ 1. 700 (euros 1500). The latest Scirocco sales will begin in May of this year, but will not be displayed in the car market a unified state.

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