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2016 Volkswagen T4. VW pulled the covers off the sixth generation of the carrier vehicle. Complete with a new design inside and out, along with a host of new features for safety and the crop of new engine options, and T4 are preparing for model year 2016. In addition, perhaps the type 1 Beetle, and the carrier is the most famous of the family Volkswagen members. Get the original debut back in 1950 and Type 2, the bus has done everything from providing packages on local delivery methods to become a cultural symbol of the hippie movement during the 1960s. Like the original Type 2 T1, continued the carrier offers multiple configurations, including a copy of the panel without side Kombi windows with side widows rear seat is removable, and used much like an SUV today have the ability to carry passengers and cargo. The sixth generation carrier now carries the torch while also sets a much higher bar. Although it is doubtful that any 2016 Volkswagen T4 lead cultural movements, it’s good to know the lineage van full of history.

Retaining the same footprint and boxy silhouette as her predecessor, T5, refreshed appearance VW 2016 Volkswagen T4 lines Foreign details with the more obvious, such as available LED headlights and tail lights, which was previewed by the concept of TriStar’s 2014. The same study also we have the first on the interior of the T4 look in an interview with the design and technical features available, such as information and entertainment system with a screen 6. 6-inch center reflect passenger cars VW lineup. A list of equipment, you’ll also find the windscreen hot new car, a rear door plug-in hybrid, Assistant Front control zone system, adaptive cruise control ( ‘ACC’) and the system of adaptive system, a new comment is called dynamic cruise control system (DCC) that the three modes offers leadership (comfort, normal and sport).

As is the case with all of its predecessors, and in 2016 introduced a new carrier for both business and leisure (passengers) to use, with VW to offer a lot of different versions of the truck. To celebrate the launch of the new 2016 Volkswagen T4, and Volkswagen offers a limited edition as the “sixth generation” based on the passenger model Multivan Comfortline and upgraded with LED lights, chrome package, choice of four finishes two-tone dye with a matching interior elements 18-inch “Disc” wheels, two-tone interior Alcantara The wave of standard comfort and safety features.

Volkswagen presents technically engine options: a gasoline engine 2. 0-liter and 2. 0-liter TDI, but each engine is available in multiple horsepower outputs. TDI offers four options ranging from 84 horsepower to 204 horsepower. The drives are based on a separate structure from those found anywhere else in the VW lineup and codenamed “EA288 NUTZ. ” Offers two options with gasoline engines – a 150 horsepower and one with 204 horsepower. Yes, both diesel and gas engines in the top of the 204 horses. No official word on torque either powertrain at this stage rankings. VW says is reduced fuel consumption by 15 percent in all areas.

It also includes some new 2016 Volkswagen T4, sleek high-tech, including the new structure of the control system features. The system provides three ride settings that include comfort, normal, and type. Shock absorbers adjustable to adapt to different environments, allowing the driver to customize the driving experience. Van is available with 4MOTION AWD system also Volkswagen. It includes Hill Descent help, which is the software that controls the braking to individual wheels to keep the speed of the truck of choice. The system also helps with the diameter. Trailer stability function uses baked and electronic stability control to keep the trailer from swaying and possibly causing the truck to crash.

According to VW, the price of 2016 Volkswagen T4 “on a par with the previous model, or a little less,” depending on the trim, with the commercial version starting from € 23,035 plus VAT in Germany, Multivan of 29 952 €.

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