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Monday, April 4th, 2016 - Audi

2017 Audi A1 hybrid is a dual-way dual-mode which has been developed in order to launch a new train to generate electricity. This system combines gasoline and two electric motors drive. It is connected to each unit three power by a single transportation system. Is that a battery mounted in the rear of the vehicle that can be charged from the fast charging points within two hours. Although it is an electric car, at low speeds the electric motor provides powerful acceleration, while high-speed changes in the engine fuel system and would be difficult to be seen.

This modern patterns and different customers even have the freedom to allocate a certain pattern of the car to provide a certain pattern with the car. One of the most obvious changes is the barrier is happening on a larger scale, where now they cover a large proportion of the front thus making the vehicle a more aggressive look. It is also clear that the headlights from the Audi A1 2017 has been restyled as it now looks more rectangular thereby enhancing aggressiveness of the car. This modern car still comes with a bumper and a wide role is to cover and protect some of the features in the front area while still makes the car look intimidating.

Also install these car makers large air spaces on the front lower region with the aim of allowing the engine for air cooling and ample. Against the backdrop of the 2017 Audi A1 has a graceful tail lights which are important in making the whole back area look stylish. One can also see the lights turning on the covers of side mirrors and rain-sensing areas on the wind shield. Moreover, it has been increasing the number of colors in which the car became available to give buyers to choose from the most preferred colors. It was loaded interior Audi A1 2017 with some of the newer items including units of modern air conditioning system and new media with surround sound features. Features include more technologically oriented for this car connectivity capabilities which include Bluetooth wireless internet and quicker lineup.

It has this new car also auto windows open and the option of starting without a key. Steering wheel made using some of the most recent techniques where sensitivity has been increased to give the driver better control of the car. On the dashboard 2017 Audi A1 has a large color touch screen and complemented by simple attributes and good lighting to ensure that the driver can easily see all the qualities even at night. Users can out of the car also feel safe because there are seat belts and air bags automatic for all occupants sit on the spacious and comfortable seats.

And it will be powered 2017 Audi A1 hybrid with three power unit, one 2. 0-liter three-cylinder gasoline and diesel engine. The other is a unit of hybrid power and are 99 horsepower. The car will be powered by a six-speed automatic transmission with auto power unit switching facility. Should the economy show up in fuel consumption very good number, but there is no official news about the fine details.

It is expected the car makers this modern and elegant release it during the first half of 2016 and the expected price of the 2017 Audi A1 will be at $ 190. 000.

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