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Friday, March 11th, 2016 - BMW

2017 BMW M2 is definitely one of the worst concealed this year due to the fact that we have the ability to see a lot of spy photos of the design, which is now “finally” in front of us. German company claims that the brand new M2 is “worthwhile to replace the” grate 1M Coupe, the spiritual successor of the E30 M3 and the grandson of the legendary BMW 2002 Turbo model. Recently, the masses were BMW were unhappy with things such as “Gran Turismo” and “active grand tourers Series 2” with front-wheel drive, and the new 2017 M2 here to restore confidence in the traditional values ​​of the brand.

When it comes to exterior design of the new 2017 BMW M2, the more likely it will raise the platform M4. And the appearance to be more aggressive and masculine than before. BMW M2 will be available in several colors options, including Alpine White Mountains, Long Beach blue and black sapphire metallic gray. The dimensions will be increased slightly overall, with low ground clearance. There will be some refreshments in terms of the front end. In fact, the 2017 M2 We have some borrowed and some original features. Therefore, the front bumper is the same as the M3, M4 models, and M6, and will have a lower lace-like grille, large air intakes and aerodynamic edges. Above the front bumper, and will be there such as beans grille and headlights double. It is also expected to tail side of the car to have some refreshments in terms of design rear bumper. And 19-inch wheels come standard. Will the Interior in 2017 BMW M2 be a luxury, since the upholstery quality materials will be used, including leather and contrast stitching blue, with lots of accents of carbon fiber. Although available in many colors on the outside options will be offered inside the cabin in one color only. BMW M2 will be more upgrade information and entertainment system, including touch screen display, and intelligent system integration, Wi-Fi, and Harman Kardon sound system, professional navigation system and many others. We will ensure safety with various innovative safety technologies.

There are a lot of details about the brand new 2017 BMW M2, but like any vehicle M again, the most important aspect about the new formula, is the engine that BMW chose to put under the hood. M2 has a new turbo engine 3. 0 with twin 365 horsepower and 343 pound-feet of torque. Linked unit turbo to the automatic transmission, which is in this difference at speeds of up to 100 km / h in just 4. 5 seconds, or an optional seven-speed transfer of DCT which comes with three driving modes, comfort, sport and sport +, accelerates in 4. 3 seconds. In both versions, the maximum speed of 250km / h (155 mph).

So far, there are public opinion on the basis of rumors and speculation, the 2017 BMW M2 will reach the market around the world is not before the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017. For enthusiasts to those who are eager to welcome BMW M2, they will be able to se introductions in showrooms. The price depends on the market. Therefore, the US agents have to take advantage of between $ 51,000 and $ 60,000. European market with different price tags, from about £ 44,000 to € 57,000.

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