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Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 - BMW

2017 Next BMW 100. BMW celebrates its 100th year of 2016. As part of the centenary celebrations own, has revealed BMW car brand new concept known in the BMW Vision Next 100. It, at least from the outside, they are searching mysterious traditional thing with four doors and four-wheel drive as well as providing the use of four seats appear futuristic. It focuses on technology as a sovereign BMW says that the purpose of the 2017 Next BMW 100 concept car will be autonomous and that keeps the special link between the driver and the car.

BMW gives this concept a fabricated print 4D term, because they believe that in 30 years it will be possible to build a prototype quickly this design a herd of between information-seagulls-saving function (the fourth dimension, apparently?), In addition to the physical form. We will check again in 2046. BMW also notes that currently displays in cars will give way for OLED displays and then to the concept of the windshield as the offer, which promised for a while and seen here. BMW sheds light on two of the new leadership of this 2017 Next BMW 100 concept patterns, increasing and easily. A boost when the driver is in control, and the vehicle is doing what it can to increase the driver’s experience and awareness. It can be used on engineering alive to show the best line or a warning of other vehicles, and the integration of all current active safety technology and more. BMW believes this will allow the driver to improve instead of just going faster. We would have called this situation i Still Drive Sometimes, but hey, marketing still has 100 years to come across as one.

At ease, and physically turning the car, the steering wheel is moving out of the way, and relax in the center console away from the driver, make the seats and panels and one of the doors a little bit of an invitation from the lounge-like lean. The car takes over, and this scenario alive engineering at the 800 pieces can be the wave of the occupants in the prediction of braking and turning. Outside, lighting elements in the kidney grille, as well as Holst and tail lamps Tell others the situation that the car in the mission and the idea is that the driver will still have the option to lead the assumption that the laws in the future allow humans to continue the heavy work I’ve thought also machinery. BMW some solutions of interest to the problems of independent leadership will create that we never think about. For example, when the 2017 Next BMW 100 is in control, and how to pedestrians know when it’s safe to cross in front of him in the position? Will be replaced by a nod or a hand gesture gives one man to the other in this case, through measures what it calls the BMW companion. Knowing this and for all (HAL 9000?) Orb mine constantly driver for information, but also work in place when the vehicle is in control. Even glow green they say in the corridor he sees them, and it’s safe to cross.

And the principles of design of BMW, issued here in copper to keep some warmth friendly man between technology, should stick to throughout as well. A large part of the 2017 Next BMW 100 body is a fabric-like, with fenders able to stretch when the wheels turn to keep shrouded for aerodynamics. Wing doors are really the only option, because, hey, it’s in the future. BMW also sees the use of the remnants of casting out of making carbon fiber components to create the body panels is structural.

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