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Friday, March 11th, 2016 - Ford

2017 Ford Ecosport. And being prepared EcoSport crossover compact to run again. The smallest car in this sector by the US carmaker will be re-designed and launched in 2017 as the Ford EcoSport. Rumors say that the car can get you another name, but this information is not known yet. In North America, the company has to remove the “Eco” from its name, so it can be called a small SUV only ‘Sport’ or different somehow. However, at the planned time passed, there will be many changes, because the development is in the process.

We have more than a year before the end of 2017 Ford EcoSport to dealerships, but some of the leaked information. The building of this four-wheel drive and feast on the same platform, which will not be the case this time. This means that we can not compare this car and its features anymore. Now, a new EcoSport crossover, or where the name mentioned ever going to carry, and will be more like the new Ford Edge. By then, we expect three-bar grille and new hexagonal shaped headlights. It will be installed body-colored bumpers on the back of more edgy. Cover for the emergence of a possible new aggressive. Moreover, we know 2017 EcoSport uses a lot of parts of the light weight, made of aluminum and carbon fiber.

With low total weight, fuel economy is the best in the inevitable. However, aluminum is one of many substances used by new cars and the weight to drop, but there is no lose at the end of the performance. 2017 Ford Ecosport will again use a three-cylinder engine. European models ride on the 1. 0-displacement for, while the US market gets a more powerful unit, and possibly 2. 0-liter four-cylinder. The output of this second engine is approximately 240 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. With this output, despite the 2017 EcoSport it is a small crossover, it can do great things off-road. Ground clearance allows it, but can be for all-wheel drive system to improve it. Currently, the plan is to release a compact SUV in the development of front-wheel drive. Also, the development of new 9-speed running, and this move is about to replace the current five-speed box.

Offer compact crossover comes in 2017. In early that he is still in development, and many things are not cleared yet, but the SUV will be on time for the release date planned. Experts predict that in 2017 Ford EcoSport will be priced around $ 16,000, based on information about the features and engines.

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