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Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 - Ford

2017 Ford F100 is the next version of the Ford pickup truck. Last truck concept from Ford is the Atlas, and F100 next production may come in quite a bit smaller. Some of the review said that the old F100 will not come again, but was replaced by the new version, and it is under the company’s F150 line. Even if it has never been officially confirmed yet, it made the prediction that the next F100 is slightly smaller than the Ford F150.

When we talk about design is the 2017 Ford F100 upgrade will also come through the application of the new brand design more stylish grille, headlights and more careful design of the front bumper designs larger. In addition, the back of the car side will certainly also renovated in the bumper. It’s not just to the outside, are reported redesign style also be on the inner side of the car.

The thing that can get in the new issue of the guard is more elegant for the design of this vehicle cabin design. In addition, new materials for their high quality go to enrich the emergence of new Lh- cabin. Brand goalkeeper edition will surely be some jobs as well as brand new for both security systems and entertainment. It is also certain that this car is designed to handle six wheels. This means that the discovery of these trucks will be increases in the lighter charge.

Because the form of a line exhaust pipes, it seems that the company will definitely power with diesel engines. There is no doubt found this truck a very strong performance. This will be interesting design too. The new design will be exciting designs very interesting for you. When driving a car with the future, and you will feel comfort.

2017 Ford F100 will be the best fuel economy. This is definitely something for competitors to worry about. One of the most preferred and most effective is to make 2. 0-liter Eco Boost engine. This engine generates a speed of up to 240 horsepower with 270 lb-ft of torque. Already included identical engine in other models of this produced. Deals on fuel economy are the following: 21 mpg for city driving and 30 mpg in highway use. He also offered to have the 2. 3-liter motor shows engine turbo charging very brand new with direct injection.

This is a powerful driving force to be able to quickly produce up to 285 horsepower with 305 lb-ft of torque. Each of these engines are an excellent choice for this car. Motor car will be on all four wheels. 2017 Ford F100 Hybrid model is also under development. In addition to an excellent rating in the fuel consumption and safety, the car also offers excellent environmental characteristics.

It is scheduled for 2017 Ford F100 release date yet at the end of this year. It is expected to be $ 20,000. When considering the price, this truck will be much better than its competitors, and the model F-150, which starts at $ 24,500 price of the market price.

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