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Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 - Ford

2017 Ford F650. F650 is actually a medium-payload vehicle that was created through partnership 3 ways related to the Ford Motor Company at the same time Navistar Intercontinental. It turns out that originally started during the year 2000 has already produced for functions such as diameter, big trucks along with things that are relevant. After 15 years in manufacturing, it will change the original text at the end.

F650 is a medium-duty commercial trucks produced by a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Navistar International. Originally introduced in 2000 and is specially designed for tasks such as the withdrawal of heavy traction, and similar things. If after 20 years of production, and the replacement of the original model in the end. Introduced the second generation of the Association model work truck equipment 2017 truck Show at the national level it is Ford will come F650 2017.

The new model is designed entirely to come, and will feature a lot of new things like the new look, better performance, and a lot of new technical solutions, etc. It is worth mentioning Ford to transfer all medium truck production from Mexico to assembly plant Avon Lake, Ohio, so it will make 2017 Ford F650 entirely in the United States.

Ford Motor Company offers a wide range of trucks of different types. There is a known and praised light duty F-150, as well as the duty of super models such as the F-250, F-350 etc. There is also a medium-sized trucks. Ford F-650 2017 is one of those. It is characterized by performance unmatched. No changes are planned for next year, according to our sources. Therefore, we will see pretty much the same as the current model truck.

Visual appearance remain the same, but what is more important, will 2017 Ford F650 to maintain the very high level of performance. Also, these models are characteristic of excellent quality. Although it is primarily a work machine, and will also offer a convenient compartment. This model features not only spacious, but also good-looking interior. Comfort is at a high level, there are also a lot of techniques. Inside this truck, you will find a lot of advanced features in terms of safety, from the car to help and entertainment as well.

When the engines on the 2017 Ford F650, also the things remain the same. There will be two units in the display, petrol one and other diesel-powered. When it is about the unity of gasoline, we will see the same 6. 8-liter V10 engine. This module provides a lot of power. The maximum output of about 360 hp, while maximum torque of more than 450 lb-ft. It will be the 2017 F-650 is also available in diesel variant. It is also well-known and proven engine, with a displacement of 6. 7 liters. This engine is available in several configurations, offering power in a range between 250 and 360 horsepower.

In fact, doubt can certainly find a 2017 Ford F650 this year, two next semester. Offer price but to choose from, but few organizations that price tag be typical largely weighed against existing solutions, so maybe you can start being about $ 56,000.

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