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Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 - Ford

2017 Ford Focus. The need for better and sporty design Ford has made necessary changes made to influence the future market trends. 2017 Ford Focus is the car that aims to change the competition in the future. This car has a new design reflects the demand of the present generation’s needs. Large size and can be suitable to control the various activities of the family. Here is the list of specifications and features of the 2017 Ford Focus, which supports it among the biggest achievement of the future. Why is the 2017 Ford Focus of Ford’s unique? A completely different design from the other vehicle, it seems that Ford has been trying to increase young buyers in the current society.

Hatchback 5 doors seems ready to hit the track at any time. In front, the grille features in the form of semi-massive oblique flanked by headlights Bixenon on each side, and front splitter, which extends until down. It also features two large air intakes on each side of the front bumper small. Bumper fog lights also features vertically that mimic Kia Pro’Ceed. On both sides, the wheel arches have been widened to accommodate the 19-year-old wheels of intangible cultural heritage, which is the exclusive vehicle. He concluded wheels with Michelin tires. The the rear end is characterized by wind and huge publisher which enhances the power down, and thus reduces drag her.

Surrounded publisher of the dual exhaust on each side. To complete the look is a rear roof spoiler. The internal every athlete with many of the features of the race. Initially, the hatchback with a capacity for five passengers and includes Recaro sports seats. However, buyers in Asia and Europe has a unique option RS Recaro seats shell which is wrapped with authentic microfiber fabric car panels. The also contains a flat-bottomed steering wheel and numerous RS badges in the cabin. Other features include alloy sports pedals and block additional tools mounted on the top of the center console, which displays oil temperature, oil pressure and promote the progress of the connection pressure. SYNC as standard. This allows access to the sat-nav, smart phones, and the audio system and climate control through voice commands or through the 8-inch touch screen. With SYNC, the hatchback can even direct you to the race course of the closet.

These compounds are used turbocharged EcoBoost 2. 3-liter, four-cylinder engine. It is expected to produce up to 315 horsepower car. No information on the performance of the car revealed so far, but with a comparison with the previous model, we can see that the differences between them can not be too big. For example, the previous focus has power rapid acceleration of 5. 9 seconds. The new model should reach at least 10 in the speed, the previous model can reach 62 miles per hour. Therefore, it should be up to the new 2017 Ford Focus up to 70 miles per hour. Expect another big difference is on the axis. It is expected that Ford will move from the front axle to the rear axle and be able to compete with the Subaru and Volkswagen.

2017 Ford Focus will reach dealer showrooms in the spring of 2016. The hatchback will have a starting price of $ 36,605. This figure includes charge. To $ 875 and the point of many enthusiasts and aspiring assembly, the fair price is welcome news for the car, which was expected to start at around the cost as much as $ 45,000 because of the high-performance character. It’s which will fiercest rivals is the Subaru WRX STI, type R Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf R.

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