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Sunday, July 31st, 2016 - Ford

2017 Ford GT. It has become more obvious that we will get to see the car 2017 Ford GT very soon. Also stopped the first GM car that have been released before, and dismissed the brand, and this is in fact some exciting news very interesting and fruitful, which many find most interesting fans. And GT second generation promises to be almost as double as better than its predecessor, and will be memories of the past are with modern takes on it. In the old days when Ferrari was dominant and when they managed to win every race and there was, Ford was the idea to buy the Italian brand in include on its own.

But at the last-minute withdrawal of Enzo Ferrari out of the transaction and left Henry Ford angry and destructive. This leads the way for the Ford GT40, which was commissioned by Ford for the next race at Le Mans. It was supposed to a new car to compete with Ferrari in any form and to impose control on this car. And GT40 not only managed to win the next race but won all the others in the past come. The GT brand is a direct descendant of one GT40, which was issued in the form of the first generation in recent times, but was stopped very quickly.

This new incarnation of the car and promises to bring us a better concept of the popularity of the car with several innovative and modern manufacturing additives. It revealed 2017 Ford GT for the first time at the auto show in North America in Detroit this year, and was an immediate smash. With the traditional look and the use of some modern technologies and composite materials are all fans dream and probably the best super built by Ford. This review will help you learn everything there is to know specification also includes some pictures that were published with actual supply and after the announcement of the car.

There are no official statistics offered as of yet, but 2017 Ford GT may be available for sale at the beginning of 2017 seasons, and the release date is still a mystery, we can also assume just how much the price will be. There are some rumors that have appeared in the Geneva show, which says that the car will cost about $ 400,000 while there will only be 250 of them presented annually. Cars that are probably in the same price range, but the same rate performance as well as the latest model Lamborghini Aventador and Chevy Corvetter Z06.

Super new Ford looks great. It retained the car recognizable features, at the same time become significantly more modern and with the emergence of more aggressive. Now has front and rear LED lights, and the doors are now open up. Is replaced with smooth lines by edges. The internal sharply from a new 2017 Ford GT has a bucket mounted seats with improved lateral support, the dashboard in full, wheel race with a multitude of buttons, and the system of multimedia LCD SYNC 3 is located in the center console. Interestingly, is also made the driver and passenger seats of light and strong carbon fiber, and implanted into the body structure of the car, but the steering wheel and the pedals have adjusted longitudinal 7. 8 limits in that the pilot has the ability to adjust the steering wheel and pedals.

When second generation of plant design Ford GT used lightweight high-strength materials to achieve the minimum weight of the car. Thus, the safety cage made of carbon fiber front and rear and a stretcher made of aluminum and the body panels are also carbon fiber. New 2017 Ford GT is significantly more high-tech than ever. For example, it uses dynamic active rear wing spoiler with a retractable and Brembo ceramic brakes and carbon.

It has developed a high-performance Michelin Super Sport Cup 2 tires with 20-inch wheels specifically for this 2017 Ford GT. It is not excluded that the super can get a full carbon wheels with central locking. Instead of the previous 5. 4-liter V8 (550 hp, 677 Nm) is now the new twin-turbo V6 family car showrooms produces approximately 700 horsepower (reported earlier that the power output will exceed 600 “horses”). Engine at the base is located, and along with the seven-band automatic transmission shiftable with two clutches, and the provision of equipment almost the moment did not specify the changes flour engine power and dynamic performance 2017 Ford GT yet, but the manufacturer confirms that the car will be able to It boasts one of the best power to weight ratio between production cars.

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