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Monday, August 1st, 2016 - Ford

2017 Ford Shelby Truck. In 1962, a legend was born. Carroll Shelby oriented European race car chassis with the Ford V8, and go on to win the best racing teams in the world to claim the first FIA World Sports Car Championships American company. The result was the emergence of the reputation of the American Shelby to develop a high-performance Ford products that are second to none. While motorists today may be the most familiar with the Shelby Mustang, there are other Ford just as familiar with the brand performance: F 150. America’s best-selling truck for 38 years, Ford F-150 has proven time and again salt in some of the toughest environments around. With Shelby, this incredibly small becomes better.

From now, one can say that this is no ordinary 2017 Ford Shelby Truck is characterized by a set of disk on its changes Foreign profile. The start with the front bumper that has been done away with and in its place the unit frame tube includes the opening of the LED light bar. Another new feature in the three high-profile front gates on a horizontal format. It has been installed in the corners of the sections with a network guards. It also features a poly carbonate front cover.

At the rear, the truck features a customized steel unit in place of the bumper factory on the standard F-150. Unit bumper steel screws features stainless steel light LED pods. To complete rear design is the dual exhaust tip, which is placed under the panel on the right quarter system. Other features include a new fog lights, reinforced hood panel and new skiing. Riding a 2017 Ford Shelby Truck on a custom 18-inch wheels that are wrapped in the latest K02 all-terrain tires from BF Goodrich.

To ensure that owns the terrain challenging, car has been equipped with a 2. 5-inch bypass interior to absorb the reservoir shocks with the car adjusters. The speed also gets a paint job is unique with the base model get blue paint stripes race white twin who looks “divided” in half. Customers can also request for a race-inspired Mustang┬ástripes. With huge force under trousers outward appearance matching, it is only the voice of the cabin design matching. The 2017 Ford Shelby Truck cabin is well designed, and you will not find any cheap looking plastic material in there.

The cabin will be upholstered in premium leather and wood trim will feature a number of vehicles surfaces. The also feature exclusive including technological advantages distinct sound system, and a large touch screen with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration. We will inform you more on interior design at surface details, but you can be sure of the 2016 Shelby F-150 cabins will provide exclusive luxury, comfort and convenience not found in any other truck.

You will not believe this but Shelby feet 45 high-performance improvements to hook up with the F-150 was 700 horses. The base 2017 Ford Shelby Truck is equipped with a 5. 0 L Ti-VCT technology V8 power plant that delivers 385 horsepower and 387 pound-feet of torque. Production for the payment to 700 horsepower, and added Shelby supercharger, the amount of cold air is huge, by high injection flow, and aluminum heat exchanger and throttle Billet Aluminum high flow body. To make sure their presence wherever he goes 0. 2016 was Shelby F-150 is equipped with a dual exhaust system Borla. With all these new improvements in 2016 Shelby F-150 accelerates from 0-60 mph in about 4. 5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 135 miles per hour.

Shelby American will produce only 500 units of the F-150, so if you want one, you better hurry to select one of the Ford Motor Company dealers. Models of natural securities aspirated 395-horsepower go for MSRP $ 85,495, while the 2017 Ford Shelby Truck with 700 ponies will have to cough as much as $ 98,995.

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