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Friday, August 12th, 2016 - Land Rover

2017 Land Rover Defender. Specialists of the British company Land Rover has announced plans to raise the family SUV defender level until 2017, inclusive. A year ago, the sale of the car is of the new generation in the variables of five and seven passengers. The last amendment to the site collection upgrade a defender in the back of a small truck. Information to replace the current generation of the SUV year she appeared when he offered the concept DC100, but over time it became clear the new product will get only a small number of technical solutions and design part , leading to the outside of the cars will be sold more greatly.

Currently differ in the family of the British Isles 2017 Land Rover Defender includes cars with different types of trucks and vans with a taxi and a single or double. It is known that four-wheel drive cars the last of the current generation descended from the manufacturer’s assembly line in late 2015 year, although the initial plans called for production until 2017.

Land Rover says the new model also has the same mechanical underpinnings, such as those models Range Rover Sport and Range Rover. That being said, so we should expect the new model to shed up to 2622 kg curb weight during model. According list Land Rover, the new model will be less “polarization, universally appealing, and without concessions in return for being specialized in for the design and spirit. In addition, it offers more off – roading capability as the best in its class. throw in a detailed design, technology and basic engineering.

Moreover, they will be decorated with leading technology from class by a scanning laser system. the system will be able to adjust both the suspension of transfers based on the road ahead. In terms of dimensions, says Land Rover, the new model will not be any larger than the current model. this comes at a time when explicit authorization in its plans to offer vehicles that use lightweight materials and composite materials, is more sustainable and lightweight.

The the new 2017 Land Rover Defender of the Interior, as before, and will include premium features and technologies. some of the technologies that will be available on the new model includes a crisp and responsive and the media system, adaptive cruise control, monitor the blind spot with back traffic Cross alerts, the number of great driver assistants.

This will form the next generation Land Rover is based on a new platform, or will be simplified LR discovery of this generation, which provides the ability to antenna installed suspension. 2017 Land Rover Defender, according to preliminary plans, and comes with a 2. 2-liter four engine -cyl installed on the Free lander. Also, as an option, and the size of the gasoline V6 2. 7 liters. Buyers will be available in seven – and five-seat versions of the SUV. And the suspension of new design, which will become more reliable, leading to the reform of the structure to be expensive.

Rumors that the new model is likely to go on sale sometime in the second half of 2017, a time, at least in the US market. The the 2017 Land Rover Defender price should start at about $ 55,000.

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