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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 - Mazda

2017 Mazda RX 8 may be a continuation of the story of heroic revolutionary act. The story, which is still the story of the rotor Wankel 2017 Mazda RX 8 engine. It can be one of the technological innovations before everything catches the eye in the industry’s history. Mazda has hosted for many years and formed this type of engine and probably will not give up through this story in the future. This model is within the past return completely to the development trends as well as different models as of this works, but it is not like the others remain dedicated power station rotary. Consequent generation is the idea of ​​the event to this model is likely to be a similar platform like the MX-5. Structure can withstand some changes but can stamp Jazzy 2017 Mazda RX 8 remain for many years to mature.

Served 2017 Mazda RX 8 concept as an alternative for the RX-7, your creator, although the eight was a bit of a departure from your design two-door, two-seat 7’s. For the first time a new car for this year’s 2003 model, featured a pair of conventional doors to use interface and a pair of seats and a pair of rear doors that face “suicide” to gain access to the two rear car seats. The revolutionary design is almost in the market, but have not built up a lot of ground along with the integration of different automakers. 2017 Mazda RX 8 was powered by 1.3-liter, two-rotor Wankel-making power of 247 horsepower in the “supreme authority” type engine. It since the rotary engine has a design with a little bit of a similar size, it has been created reddish color line engine at 9000 rpm. The six-speed manual, five-speed manual or six-speed automatic access to send power to the rear wheels

It is said that the new engine Wankel rotary passes in a major shift in the light of the viewpoint of “SkyActiv” Mazda. Low weight, and the proportion of higher compression, fast courses are part of the plan. It’s also an ambition to Mazda Wankels to ease the thirst for those purely natural essential oil and fuel. Most recent Mattresses will need the three tips of each and every one roundabout to assist in these areas. Although it is likely that the claim turbo Wankel, Mazda is said to avoid the idea – like in terms of cost and fuel saving identify alike.

Although induction is not enough, Mazda is said to carry the goal of more than two hundred horse – sixty-two more horses in exchange for the old motor current rotor Mazda RX 8 concept of 2017. Adding more torque is in addition to a high goal, although Mazda did not It reminds its target group. Thankfully, it is said to have a new car to keep the classic front-engine, rear-wheel-drive page layout. Launched in 2017 to replace the RX-8 – its name is still to be non-specific – to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the original 1967 Mazda Cosmo, a two-seat, grand, tour the car is not imported into the US account

It is likely to hit the showrooms for model year 2017 after it makes its world debut in 2016. According to some official information Mazda RX 8 Replace 2017, will 2017 Mazda RX 8 concept release in late 2016. Based on the current exchange rate , a new pricing 2017 Mazda RX 8 concept starting at $ 33. 000. If there are changes on the way, and we will notify you immediately.

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