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Monday, March 14th, 2016 - Toyota

The new 2017 Toyota Hilux will be innovative truck on the current formula. If the truck is observed the new model more closely, one can note that the new, revamped model, offered the buyers will be attractive to a certain extent from other similar vehicles available in the market. The new truck is being presented with an unusual inside and exterior design through to the automotive industry so that no vehicle in the automotive industry have been offered with some aesthetic features yet. For buyers who feel that Toyota uninteresting and the same old business, this 2017 model Hilux bombing them with innovative details, performance improvement and the greatest favorite for all types of buyers.

And now it boosted the entire bottom of the 2017 Toyota Hilux abroad and make like an armored shell, so you do not have to worry about using your feet like Flintstone some time. It consists rear wider than the last model, which is the best, but it is still not enough to load the pallet, but one day, who knows? The rest is cosmetic, the new LED lights with the outer shell more muscle, a new grille, and so forth. 2017 Toyota Hilux interior a completely different story. It is the core issue of reducing the level, but you can get a screen full leather seats, cooling box, additional title and Cup holder information and entertainment, which is not good enough if you ask me. But maybe I’m obsessed with technology and it is only me, but the system and the media seem outdated. Modern looking the same thing. Provided with low contrast and light once again that faint that you simply can not see anything in the lighter days a little bit, because of the thinking abilities of the materials used for the manufacture of the screen surface. Those are things that can be tolerated on their computer screens at home, but in a car, where you have to just be able to see everything without any problem, at any time, should not be tolerated.

The engines just to be better than all existing models. Even this truck new model is expected to be the kind of everyday vehicles, Toyota has taken a lot of effort to make their engines to deliver the highest performance and less fuel consumption. As a result, the automaker offered a new car with three engine alternatives. It is, in fact, is that it would certainly be working by the mill I-4 with a displacement of 2. 7 liters to provide a car power and torque needed from the 180 ponies 182 pounds per foot of evolution. In addition, it is expected that the auto industry will come fitted with a diesel engine of 2. 8 liters that has the skill to produce about 180 horses and the evolution of 340 pounds per foot. Will mill the third alternative, which will power the new truck will be a V6 mill with a capacity of 4. 0 liters to equip vehicles with the highest power of 200 horsepower. It is expected to be offered with four-wheel drive system as standard equipment, and will be combined 2017 Toyota Hilux engines with six-speed transmission computerized.

This offer is valid only on specific variables, including cabin 2017 Toyota Hilux with smart two-wheel truck Prerunner and variable engine 4WD double cabin. Kate is the male version with added new grille and airdam bumper grille in black, the new wheel arch cladding, sports bar and steps by side with inscriptions TRD. The price for this 2017 Toyota Hilux, going from 30,000 for the base model, and up to $ 60,000 for the highest level of trim. Prices vary from region to region and market to market, but they do not go away from each other. We must wait for the release of Brazil officially on November 18, maybe there will be some discounts. We’ll see. The expected price for Brazil is 330,000 to 630,000 pesos, which is $ 20,000 to $ 38,000. This is why we believe that there will be some discounts in the near future. In the end, everything that does not come directly from the “Company” can be considered such speculation, so we wait.

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