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Friday, March 25th, 2016 - Volkswagen

2017 Volkswagen minivan. Volkswagen just itching to launch a new generation of its microbus. First there was the concept Microbus 2001, and then there was the concept of poly funky 2011. And now there is said to be a new “bus” next concept, and this one has just a preview planned production model. We have previously reported on VW plans to introduce the concept of the new 2017 Volkswagen minivan at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in 2016, and now we have a teaser is similar to a large extent can be a modern version.

News that the unveiling of the concept will be followed by a production statement soon. It is said that the production model to be allocated to the Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico, with the first examples due to early 2017. But that’s not all. The concept also highlight new technologies such as autonomy and communication systems as well as the next general electric propulsion system. The move is part of VW’s efforts to rebuild its reputation after the diesel emissions fraud scandal, which includes an increased focus on the electrification of the car and advanced technology.

Earlier this year in April, a senior VW exec stressed both the engineers and designers are working on a new concept for the 2017 Volkswagen minivan can drag a heavy influence from poly concept was launched in 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show. Again in 2011, he worked in the poly of a 40 kW lithium-ion battery that sat under the ground. With an electric motor that produced 85kW, the concept of the enemy is capable of 0-100km / h in 11. 5 seconds with a top speed of up to 130km / h.

The battery pack, and at the same time, 300KM – 100KM was less than the next car production, reflecting advances in battery technology over the past four years. The reason for the revival of plans to make versions of the production of poly concept is to improve Volkswagen sales in the US market, says News. Instead of gasoline or diesel powertrain, it will be building a new 2017 Volkswagen minivan using the latest technology Volkswagen lithium-ion battery group, which should provide a wide range of 400-500km. It will also be the traditional small turbo gasoline and diesel engines provide.

CES runs 2016-9 January in Las Vegas. We hope you’ll have more details on VW’s plans for the show before. For more coverage of CES, go to a specialized center we have.

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