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Sunday, October 9th, 2016 - BMW
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2018 BMW 8 Series. BMW is preparing to launch a luxurious 8 GT Coupe series as a competitor to the Mercedes S Class Coupe inspired by a 2013 Gran Hotel Lusso concept (as shown above). New images, give us a first glimpse we have in this tempting flagship two-door before they go on sale in the official details 2018. No have been released but the BMW brand for a number of nameplates that give us clues about what we can sit engines under the hood The new car a long sweeping hood.

It seems that this 2018 BMW 8 Series new has been inspired by the concept of BMW Gran wonderful Lusso Hotel in 2013. It seems that the German company was largely inspired by the svelte lines of the design concept of Pininfarina, the classic sports car proportions when the new flagship design trick coupe.

The model for facade front and rear long accumulation of both reminiscent of the Hotel Lusso concept Gran while the ceiling sweeping line and windshield italics appear to have made the transition from the width of the car for a test mule relatively unchanged, too. The function rear sports a pair of brake lights slim and two large exhaust tips, similar to those fitted to the current 7 series, while its image was enhanced sports silhouettes by a group of big wheels and the side of the road skirts and hugging.

BMW confirmed that the 2018 BMW 8 Series will return badge 8 but has not yet decided what constitutes the new car to take. The most likely option, and the two-door luxury coupe, can be inspired by the concept of the Gran Hotel Lusso is shown here. The coupe structure puts it closer in spirit to the original 2018 BMW 8 Series and distances it from the possibility of 7 Series. Another list to produce a model that would be a luxury four-door coupe with proportions similar to the 6 Series Gran Coupe.

That any 8 series in the form Coupe four-door in need of wheels taller than 6 series base to emphasize its position as model. Material technology occupies the first place among a group established by BMW for the Core i3 and I8 hybrids can help reduce the overall weight of the new 2018 BMW 8 Series. Although the structure of the entire carbon fiber is unlikely, we expect a component including a tunnel pillars, roof and transmit it to be made of these materials and regions lightweight including doors and lid Fund to be made from aluminium.

No details about Interior eight new series “has been released, but it seems reasonable that they would use the new 7 series cabin” as a starting point. This means that the dashboard which is dominated by a thick wooden bar with climate controls are located within them is the addition of potential. We also expect the widespread use of the skin around the cabin, befitting a car at the end of this market, and effectively not plastic scratchy anywhere within reach.

Infotainment a big part of the cabin series 8 “, and like the 7 series, it might take advantage of the technology, including the voice and gesture control. the latter is a wonderful addition and allows the passenger cabin to wave their hands in front of the screen, among other gestures to control motor functions.

2018 BMW 8 Series, will be powered by the latest V12 engine. Currently, V12 engine is only part of the McLaren F1. But this time the BMW intend to use this engine in the end to make this car on top of each other cars. As is powered from the car with a V12 engine and transmission must also be good enough to match up this power. Even BMW 8 car series will be ten-speed automatic transmission, which will enhance the experience. After leadership is watching this power in this car, we can say that this car will destroy all records of the sale and we can also say that, this car will be one of the best cars from BMW.

2018 BMW 8 Series will launch in 2018 and so far has been only offer one piece of the BMW 8 Series Car show in Germany as a model.

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