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2018 Dodge Charger. Sixth-generation Dodge Charger, revived after a nineteen-year absence as a medium-sized 4 door sedan, for the first time in 2006, to become the successor model Basil. In 2009, the car has seen the interim update, during the affected groups and the appearance of the interior and the engine. In 2014, the premiere of the updated second car, which is the most beautiful seriously at home and abroad, and received eight-speed automatic was held. It is expected the next update in 2018 – analysts expect new engines and updated appearance. It is also possible to move to a new platform for the 2018 Dodge Charger car the same concept remains the same – power rear wheel drive car with a V6 and V8 engines.

The future car comes with a very difficult cycle. 2018 Dodge Charger car of the future will be very interesting and in good health. According to some rumors, this sedan will arrive with a 707-horsepower 6. 2-liter V-8 Super Challenger SRT perished, but accelerated faster than the Challenger perished (0 to 60 mph in just 3. 7 second, officially). Top speed is 204 miles per hour holy rolling. Under this is the R / T and SRT expelled 392 package, which has a 485-horsepower 6. 4-liter V-8 that can be dome 0-60 charger per hour in the second group midfour. Before expelling performance package available at a price of flow of approximately $ 40,000. One step from there is the R / T, with the 5. 7-liter Hemi V-8, rated at 370 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque.

Those who do not need a lot of power will be pleased with the base engine in the SE model. A 3. 6-liter Pentastar V-6 produces 292 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque (up to 300 horsepower and 264 horsepower with the appearance in the Rally Group SXT). Whether V-6 models come standard with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive is optional. This will be the performance may be a very unusual and interesting. You will feel the comfort of a car owned by this future.

The future car to get interesting design and extremely comfortable. We can only hope if the 2018 Dodge Charger will arrive with many innovations, such as technical features including drag the menu bar-and-drop interface control touch screen of 8. 4 inches, voice control Siri Eyes Free, and Not Disturb feature, a digital copy of the owner’s manual. The car also comes with a strange level of SRT perished 2018 Dodge Charger designs. This is a lineup that delivers more performance than you would expect given the level of comfort and ease of daily use these four doors sedan.

According to some information, this car include elements of the old muscle car styling with modern aesthetics. Coke bottle shape right out the sixties, but it also has a short front and rear overhangs and large wheel of a modern car’s performance. Gratings and other details are closely linked to other Dodge models, including the Durango R / T and most sports version of the arrows. It seems like a powerful car that will slip Airborne instead of dough side by violence. This will be a very attractive designs and in good health. You will get some exciting technology in the future of this car.

The next generation of the 2018 Dodge Charger exact release date is still unknown. According to preliminary information, it should not be released for new cars until the end of 2017, but closer instead to the middle of 2018. In 2016, the US market Dodge Charger generate 6TH costs of $ 27,995. It is expected that the price of the updated model 2018 Dodge Charger will start at about $ 30,000.

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