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Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 - Ford

2018 Ford F150. It is expected the Ford F150 aluminum-bodied to the length of the mid-cycle revive soon, and now we have photos hints of succession going for most of the main vehicles for the organization. The former spy and others, we realize that F series will make a big appearance with the last light of the commitment of the diesel engine.

Changes in the front has all the hallmarks of being a large-scale in light camouflage cover everything from the firewall forward. From what little is clear, Dry Cleaning are some real design. It’s hard to say, but it seems that the game plan is three-bar on its way out, in any event, in its current structure, to be replaced by something with a larger piece of the home run more and ribs slightly above and below. Taking into account the position of Camus, and the changes are in addition to that in the shop front of the lights, despite the fact that these tea leaves are considerably more difficult to see.

Changes to the 2018 Ford F150 engine and front guard cover is much more modest, if there have been changes even by any means. More based on the hood coordinate the lines of those existing truck, despite the fact that average more interesting points is not clear here. It can have an effect on the flux, however. With respect to the guard, next to the outline of a shadow fog lights, it looks pretty much unchanged. And, the acceptance of the massive coordination and hidden elements are still unclear, but we can not see whether snares withdraw the current truck will advance the establishment.

The truck was released first lightning in 1993 as part of the Sports SVT this match. Then, it uses a V8 engine with a displacement of 5. 8 liters and 240 horsepower. It competes Chevy 454 SS for two years before production comes to an end. After some time, in 1999, re-launched lightning. With a smaller engine, and it offered more power and lasted for five years. This is the most successful with more than 28,000 examples of time produced until 2004. And now, after having been suspended for 12 years, and we expect the new 2018 Ford F150 Lightning.

There not a lot of information about the next version of the popular truck, but we We expect 2018 Ford F150 lightning with high performance, much higher than the base model. It is linked one way or another with the Ford Raptor, mainly because the same engine can be used in each of the trucks. It V8 instead of the V6 motor shows. Will be super or dual turbo, the company keeps under the radar of intelligence sources. Whatever option is held under the hood of the new lightning, which is no doubt that a lot of energy will come from it. We assume that near or even more than 500 horses will be crunched him.

The new will come in 2018 Ford F150 Lightning after the base model hits salons, schedule time is still uncertain for it. We listen closely and as fast as a regular F150 comes into production, we will be able to predict when we can expect lightning truck-tuned performance. One thing is certain, it will not be out until mid-2018.

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