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Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 - Ford

2018 Ford Fusion will be the last competitor of the luxury sedan. This car is designed with a sophisticated design at home and abroad of this car. Furthermore, it will also be hybrid system application in engine performance for this car. The on the brand new mid-size sedan manufactured by the car company Ford Fusion 2018. There can be obtained easily in a number of new forms of Fusion auto market, for example, a hybrid type and the type of sport. Each type has a similar design, so that changes the engine storage.

2018 Ford Fusion abroad can definitely make much better use of products and functions nice. Ford Fusion 2018 chassis can take advantage of a unique metal. Great¬†fabric is providing strong for this corps of Ford. In any driving condition, the Ford Motor Company to improve the headlights. On the front of this Ford vehicle must have an incredible design, so you have a 2018 Ford Fusion car more pleasing. In addition, in order to avoid accidental break, you will find a brand new company wheels. Ford Fusion cars 2018¬†will improve this in the car with Ford’s new innovation, new materials system.

Their panel smart and stylish cabin leadership to provide a respite from the 2018 Ford Fusion. Ford Fusion 2018 can accommodate four passengers. And the development of the engine with a simple touch-screen display is easily obtained easily in the hybrid type, so that the driver can decide. In addition, it is possible to cover the seats with excellent quality of the skin. In addition, Ford Fusion 2018 entertainment property and security system will be upgraded. There is also a Wi-Fi system to add to the fun in driving with this car. 2018 Ford Ford Fusion

And it will be equipped with a new engine for this car. For a form of gasoline, there will be the engine capacity of 2. 5 liters with the completion of the four cylinders. This engine can deliver power to 175 horsepower. And the other to be the engine of 1. 5 liters with four cylinders. In addition, the company is the car with the engine, another engine with 3. 5-liter V6 engine that can provide power to 265 horsepower.

Transmission speeds are used five, as well as six-speed automatic transmission. In addition, there will be four-wheel and four-wheel drive used in accordance with the type chosen. As we mentioned before, that the company will make this 2018 Ford Fusion to be hybrid sports type which uses a hybrid system with a combination of battery and fuel and energy sources.

The biggest change in many parts can provide a wonderful appearance and efficiency with the new 2018 Ford Fusion. The possibility of Ford Fusion 2018 entry in 2018. On the other hand, every Ford car type with different costs. The type of routine can have a base of $ 23,000 money.

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