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2018 Honda Crosstour. For the first time Honda Crosstour in 2009 as a full-sized crossover is being manufactured until 2015.The reason was to stop the sales of produce incredibly low.

And reached the top in 2010 with nearly 29,000 units sold. However, sales have been declining since then and hit bottom last year, with only 9,000 units sold. In spite of the safety features elegant Foreign many, and the market just does not want it.

It is really hard to say what was the reason for this result and take further analysis. However, some rumors have emerged that the Japanese car maker may revive this model, and release it as a 2018 Honda Crosstour. Although no one knows whether this will come true or not, there is some speculation how that could look like.

First and foremost, in the mind that this car has not been confirmed and therefore do not take this article to the banks. Form 2018 must be a group of coupe and sport utility vehicle. Released the first model under the 2018 Honda Crosstour name so it is clear that the agreement is similar in many aspects.

The performance of the first generation of decent, but because it failed to become one of the favorite market. That means Honda was to come up with a new plan and significantly redesigned 2018 Honda Crosstour. The 2018 Honda Crosstour is not one of those muscle cars and aggressive.

It will look stylish instead with many modifications and improvements. It is expected to be on a larger scale, while questioning should remain as they were by the front bumper. In addition to this amendment, the new model is supposed to get new wheels 18-inch alloy which will contribute to the elegance. And it expects further adjustments, especially when it comes to the headlights and tail lights, but we can not say exactly how they are going t

o look like. Interior will be elegant like structure. High quality materials and going to be used and will be equipped with the latest technology. Some of the technical features of the navigation system and improve information systems and entertainment system. Safety includes Departure Warning and Lane frontal collision system.

Rear view camera that was part of the Crosstour since 2012.camera model Apart from these features, there will be in addition to that, all decorations are going to be equipped with LaneWatch camera, automatic braking system, traction control, and much more.

The previous models equipped with the 3.5-liter six-cylinder designed by Honda. However, this engine will be abandoned and will be 2018 Honda Crosstour have other options if he was released. According to experts, there will be at least two different engines that would be more horsepower and torque than its predecessor.

The base engine’s 2.4 L I-VTEC four-cylinder may be while the second option may be 3.5 L I-VTEC inline 6. These will be combined with different transmission. And 2.4 L will be a 6-speed automatic transmission, while the second will be mated to a 5-speed gear box. Each of these engines are going to have either FWD or AWD.

When economy it comes to fuel consumption there is no reliable information. The 3.5-liter V6 that was used under the hood of the model in 2015 on the classification of the Environmental Protection Agency and standing in a 20/30/23 mpg for FWD and 19/28/22 mpg for AWD.

With these figures, it can be considered as a fuel-efficient vehicle. It must be new drives at least as effective as the 3.5-liter, but we hope it will be better. With the best figures, the new 2018 Honda Crosstour has a great advantage over other cars in this class.

And the date of placing on the market of the new 2018 Honda Crosstour will be at the end of 2017. Once the show at car shows, the new model has become very competitive. Competitor will be the main Acura TSX sport wagon, Toyota Venza and Subaru Outback.

To be singled out from the competition, and will be offered a new model at a lower price, given the elements that entails. We expect that the basic version has a starting price of US $28,000. Will other information that may be able to suggest, to be pure speculation, due to lack of information has been verified.

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