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Monday, January 2nd, 2017 - Honda
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2018 Honda Prelude. Honda Prelude is the sports coupe that was produced by the Japanese automaker Honda from 1978 until 2001.The coupe derived from the loose two-door Honda Accord and spanned five generations.

Unfortunately, the production of precursor concluded in 2001 on a Honda Integra DC5 entry. Lovers have gone in preparation for 15 years without seeing a model for the renewal of the car. But the good news here and say that the Japanese automaker plans to revive the car.

There will be a new 2018 Honda Prelude available, at the moment of this concept, the 2018 Honda Prelude looks much better than the old model. Yes, we said the concept, but thanks to Japan’s auto trail the future may already be the case here.

You will get to the outside of the 2018 Honda Prelude overhauled completely in 2018. Honda will use the alloy and carbon fiber lightweight materials to build a new sports coupe to her, and will also get some of the advantages of the previous model, but will look at sports with the addition of modern neat features.

It will host a full-body lines and well-defined curves that will give the car look elegant. Honda will try to incorporate the boxy look of the old introduction which we all admired, and slick sports and appearance of the day. We can already imagine the look appetite for it. Redesign dramatically and sharp front bumper and front grille, headlights and air inlets, which would make it seem as if zooming through the corners while still in a fixed position.

The two sides of it, and according to rumors, wear a little prominent wheel arches and new side skirts that surround it on both sides. The back will get a re-design also, and perhaps LED tail lights and rear bumper, which will now carry publisher functional exhausts with quad stacked on top of each other.

Will be lowered the general attitude in a manner fit introductions ratios associated with a 19-inch alloys, sports tires and brakes. The 2018 Honda Prelude interior in the new introduction will be redesigned in order to make them more comfortable and convenient. The Honda may “borrow” a few bits and pieces of the Civic Type R and the latest agreement, but besides that they will praise himself with a roomy cabin, providing a comfortable seating area and a section for small goods.

Order seats will allow sufficient headroom and leg room to accommodate drivers of both long and short. This is because the auto industry in Japan, it is certain that we can expect to be filled this one with all sorts of gadgets hello technology, this means that consumers should expect luxurious and comfortable cabin with the latest features and the media.

Rumors that it would be more advanced technical than its predecessor, and we think how can it not be? The last Prelude 15 years ago, it could not be more advanced?! It is likely to be taken in the dash of one of Honda referenced models, redesigned to fit introductions shape and style.

Since it is not a formal verification of the 2018 Honda Prelude Type R, we still do not know what may be a very good under the hood. In addition, the car away for several decades, so we estimate the will’t already designs. However, what we are able to do is coordinate sedan different motors, to think about which option might actually be downloaded in a new introduction.

The first engine, which may well be chosen as the design platform is a 2.0-liter VTEC. This is a wonderful device for 250 hp, which is suitable for the sports car. In addition, there are some expectations that the new introduction may come out as multiple. Based on these rumors, and may be combined 3.5-liter V6 drivetrain with electric battery power vehicles, and this combination may refuse more than 300 horsepower and nearly 350 pound-feet of torsion.

It is possible Incredibly, in 2018 Honda Prelude to the type R, if it seems, can have a six-speed gearbox is mated to the engine fuel mechanism. Hybrid may get a completely different type of transmission.

Release date is not yet known with certainty, but we expect that it will likely be late 2018 or even early start for the year 2018, and it will come, of course, as a model for 2018 Honda Prelude.

The price is like many other things not sure, but we will try to achieve the best assumption based on information and rumors at our disposal, which amounts to about $33,000 to $36,000. It all depends of course on the trim and the engine, which will be displayed, so do not be surprised if the price goes up a little bit.

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