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2018 Honda S800. And S800 replace the S600 as a car aura Honda, but this was super bonsai and it was quite irresistible. The Honda S800 is not a “one-stop ‘exercise by Honda. I started with the Honda cars intention small to create a 360-car cc, which was intended to suit the market Japanese domestic tax incentives granted to owners of small cars with limited motor ability. Mr. Honda put a team of young engineers, who was only 28 years old Lists older. the brief for the project to produce a car with a “sports appeal,” which is normal missing in this sector are exempt from taxation. It should also give a glimpse of what was the car like the competition must also be a car that they wish to be in possession of themselves.

Available for drophead (right) or coupe, the engine produced 70bhp at 8,000 rpm dwarf heady (red line extends to 11,500 rpm), who made a very serious performance because these cars early final series engines and independent rear suspension day. Very, but was quickly replace the axis live side by side with the front disc brakes. The small crashed Honda and face-to-face in the US safety legislation, however, and the Mark II S800 minds quickly with the door handles for the installation of a flush, dual brake circuit and side marker lamps. Expensive to produce but very attractive, established S800 little Honda as a high technical competence and employs a full mutters. Although the S600 was not marketed in the United Kingdom six cars did not find their way here. In early 1966 Honda pledged to further develop the ‘S’ type, which involves the ability of the engine being raised again to 791 cc and the model name is being revised for the S800. This model has retained the beginning brake drum and drive independent rear suspension series S600. In October 1966 two coupe and convertibles arrived at the docks of King George V, London. The S800 arrived in the United Kingdom

Placed convertible (LYY 832D) on display at the Earls Court Exhibition in 1966, and has now by a member of the club. It is owned by the statements dealer based in the Midlands and recorded HON 1D and HON 800D. The total of only six in the S800 to the United Kingdom during 1966, and it was not until 1967 that were imported from the S800 to the United Kingdom in any numbers. It seems that the S800 series engine was a monster is very rare indeed, and it was expensive to produce so the decision was made to rationalize the S800 with the rear axle directly. Undoubtedly, we all appreciate that Honda S800 can not be easy or inexpensive to produce, so as to remain competitive with sports cars competing in export markets, it was necessary to make the economies. Even when he was the main goal for the S800 reached in 1967, car specifications now familiar from the rear axle of living, front disc brakes and 70 horsepower (at a heady 8,000 rpm), to meet the spitfire, and Hailey and dwarfs face to face.

However, there are big problems for Honda in the United States, where the traditionally British sports car has made in roads into the market. The rapid development of the MK2 S800 (as we know) or more properly S800M direct response to the US safety legislation. And thus the convenience door handles, side marker lights, lights and hazard warning, brake dual circuit. It was all this effort one major drawback – the engine! Despite the sophistication and the ability to produce large amounts of energy from a small cubic capacity of the United States decided, production is considered “dirty” from an environmental perspective, with a high percentage of unburned hydrocarbons *. Surprising decision when considering the ability of a small car (0. 79 liters) compared to consume large amounts of gas-liter 5 and 7% of the time in the United States, but I think there are some considerations protectionism in the loss of all work. The mission of the United States led the market of S800 abandoned. Annual production figures showed that S800 never met Directed S600, and S800, but it was intended for export worldwide.

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