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Monday, February 6th, 2017 - Hyundai
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2018 Hyundai XG350. Hyundai XG of fired as principal of the fleet, the luxury is not a word associated with the brand. After all, this was the South Korean car industry has made its reputation with a compact car bargain basement, and some are seriously lacking in quality.

Recently, Hyundai more than just keeping has improved dramatically up. Quality in the economy, the bread-and-butter models, and now offers a range of models that provide serious competition brands. With’s current continuous improvement in power, comfort, and design since its launch, and spacious and monument elegantly four doors, offers five-passenger 2018 Hyundai XG350 decorations cars in the so-called semi-luxury category.

2018 Hyundai XG350 has the presence of a luxury car. The front end can fool many observers discerning, especially as they still discreetly minus any Hyundai logo that may hint that this is set car. The on the front end of the elegant value-priced by a horizontal barrier impressive flanked by integrated precision projection lamp headlights.

Thin, inset, such as chrome strips wrap around each corner of the bumper and reflected on the rear bumper. Lacking a bit of nose width otherwise gracefully clean, Hyundai to disperse entering the air intake in the bumper with horizontal ribs and body-colored mold decorated license plate in the center of the bumper chosen.

But you may need to split the license plate there, anyway. A belt line crisp modest blends seamlessly into the gently rounded shoulders at the rear, and crowned by a bright tail lights encrusted with jewels. The license plate is located on vacation in the trunk lid, topped with, a wide horizontal bar of polished and framed by the back-up lights.

This gives it a look in line with other luxury cars. Only brand Hyundai logo on the back lies the elegant design. The windshield and windows balances design heritage of openness with the structure. Windshield pillars slim reduce blind spots. Side windows high in addition to a renewed atmosphere of air inside.

Are well-designed external door handles: attractive, convenient, and easy grab. Spaciousness may be the first feature expected from luxury cars and 2018 Hyundai XG350 measures definitely up. It’s roomy car by mid-sized sedan standards. So six times the Maxima, Impala, Camry and Avalon in most of the internal measures.

The leather-covered seats, front and rear, comfortable, and balancing the fine line between welcoming firmly and strongly difficult. They are flat and stationary such as Mercedes seat, but lacked support at the bottom of one seat, snack and refueling stations are welcome breaks on long journeys. Absence of side restraints makes entry and exit is easy.

From the driver’s seat, almost everything about the 2018 Hyundai XG350 friendly and knowledgeable. Huge steering wheel trimmed in wood and leather invites input spirited and features redesigned Cruise with the demarcation of the more visible and easily distinguishable.

And smooth, and the homes of quiet leadership panel measuring device is well shaded holiday. According faux wood trim and luxury light color highlights the roomy feeling of interior. Instruments is clear, setting clear and easy to read signs, using white markings on a black background.

The speedometer is placed in the middle of the screen, and the tachometer on the left side and measuring fuel and coolant level speed of the engine temperature and in a great display on the right. It is mounted on a big emergency flasher button just to the right of the steering wheel, easy to quickly access for those times when the next traffic comes to a sudden stop.

Befitting semi-luxury status, even 2018 Hyundai XG350 base comes with all the forces and automatic climate control, leather seating surfaces face and CD stereo speaker six. Four-wheel disc brakes with four-channel ABS and electronic distribution of braking force (EBD) are standard, as well as front airbags seat side impact outside mirrors hot.

The label also refers to it, power is supplied for the 2018 Hyundai XG350 by a 3.5-liter V6, which drives the front wheels through a five-speed automatic transmission with dual gate of the company, SHIFTRONIC manual override system. As it has now been Outboard rear reading lamps level seat, rear view electrically system transceiver integrated HomeLink mirror.

Value improved in 2002 when the engine size of 3.0 liters increased to 3.5 liters, which torque boosted by a welcome 21 percent, to 216 pound-feet. Torque is the force that pushes you away from intersections and up hills. We found 2018 Hyundai XG350 engine is smooth and quiet, willing and accelerator free.

In relative silence adds to the pleasant atmosphere of the interior, and not intruding on a comfortable conversation or thought quiet. This engine dual overhead cam produces 194 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 216 pound-feet of torque at 3,500 rpm. This is a respectable force in the low rpm to a reasonable extent, which translates to good throttle response on the five-speed automatic transmission town.

Hyundai smoothly enough. Upshifts on the far side, and the transfer is slow to kick down to pass. In a semi-manual upshifts SHIFTRONIC it is always in the pre-programmed engine speed, rather than a gear less when you open the throttle on a large-scale. This is unfortunate, because the XG is fun to drive and we have enjoyed gear holding less and drives the engine’s redline.

Steering it is light and easy. Force to help guide varies with engine speed, which is most of the time is invisible strategy but noticeable when upshifts transfer when he graduated in turn, help and strength increases.

There is still one difference, however: the price. 2018 Hyundai XG350 two models still have rates closer to those of sedans medium normal size sticker in the middle of 20s. Add in Hyundai ensure a five-year / 60,000-mile bumper to bumper along with 10-year / 100,000-mile to set standards for powertrain warranty, 2018 Hyundai XG350 is a real value.

A a full range of luxury features is standard on the base model, and the model upgrade only slightly more expensive and adds a few nice comfort. Pleasing is the equally competent 194 horsepower engine, which provides the speed of a good performance. Anti-lock brakes and electronic brake force distribution and traction control come standard, and the benefits of active safety that can help the driver control in emergency maneuvers.

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