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Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 - Mazda

2018 Mazda CX 9. previously established that the Mazda CX 9 has a good reputation and tradition of previous generations. Well, this model is certainly no exception to the rule. That the company has very stylish exterior design that would be perfectly matching the elegant interiors. To top it all, the manufacturer is likely to use a very powerful engine for upcoming 2018 Mazda CX 9.

The outer part of the cross completely disclose similar KODO company, but in practice is a candidate for the second generation of 5065 mm in length (30 mm) fell to almost modest, rising to 2840 mm wheel base. Therefore, you can rely on more comfort in the cockpit, especially for rear-seat passengers. Outside update a difficult candidate in a few words to describe, KODO his own style in the drawing. Large grille, led optical beacons, and the flowing body lines with shifts clean, rounded wings, unilateral simple spoiler on the tailgate, and the exhaust system of steam pipes and beautiful image of the wheels 18 (or 19) is not that the words “hard to feel the spirit of the movement. ”

By reducing the length to change the crossover proportions: the transfer of the windshield column of 10 cm to the back, but that does not affect the inside: the front seat back and the second row of seats it has become “thinner” a little bit of my head. However, third-row seats children y for reasons related to the preservation of the old size of the hull more on placement, was “2018 Mazda CX 9 have the highest quality of construction and the driver, a rich and varied incredible comfort, this linkage is able to support and improve the lives of every moment”, described as new manufacturer.

The transformation of the cabin is equipped with modern fashion of everything is the best we can supply maker paste in aluminum, high-quality materials that can accommodate improved, lED lighting system and a large multimedia screen 8, Mazda, connected to produce. The overall impression is not showy bombast and a little switches and buttons required minimum, turn the family car at Boeing. A manufacturer of the lesser-known realize noise insulation installed treatment provided by the first treatment of high quality on the other hand – to adapt the quality of Bose surround sound system.

There were different pieces of information on potential engine by the manufacturer of the 2018 Mazda CX 9 will use options. Since we do not have any official information on this car, we can build our analysis only on assumptions and speculation. Based on this, it is assumed that the manufacturer to maintain the current 3. 7-liter engine, and it will be the engine that also will have six cylinders and twenty-four valves. It also believed that the car will also have the timing valve DOHC and variable.

Like previous models, the manufacturer also offers a basic version with the steering system, front-wheel drive and an optional one with the steering system on all four wheels. Speculation has also fallen to the conclusion that the manufacturer would also pair with this 2018 Mazda CX 9 engine-speed automatic, and it will have a six-speed gearbox. It is also believed that the engine will have the ability to create approximately 275 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque.

Officially it is not displayed 2018 Mazda CX 9 in any showroom in the world. There are some expectations that this formal presentation to occur during the second half of 2017. In view of all of this is just a rumor, the official presentation is likely to occur during the first months of 2018, and will display the Mazda CX 9’s new as 2018 model. We do not know when it will begin sales of this car, as well.

However, the manufacturer is likely to release this car for sale either during the end of 2017 or the first quarter of 2018. We do not have any prices yet. On the other hand, there has been some speculation about the potential price range. Therefore, the base 2018 Mazda CX 9 model put a price somewhere between $ 28,000 and $ 37,000. The price of an upgraded packages and equipment models will be higher, of course.

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